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Words Of Warning - Label Discography

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You Are Not Alone!


A1: Is This To Be?

Stalag 17

A2: Harmless Fun

Oi Polloi

B1: Nuclear Waste

Symbol Of Freedom

B2: Suffering Persists
Words Of Warning UKWOW 119867"0 
The First Cuts Are The Deepest

Classified Protest

A1: I Remember

I Mobster

A2: Persona

The Bugs

A3: Something Happened To Me Tomorrow

Yr Anhrefn

B1: Action Man

Elfyn Presli

B2: Jackboots

The Heretics

B3: Relgion O.D.
Words Of Warning UKWOW 219877"0 
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Feed Your Head

A1: Intimidate The Poor
A2: Royalty


B1: Corruption
B2: Initiative
Words Of Warning UKWOW 31987EP0 
Here Today Here Tomorrow?

Cowboy Killers

A1: Empty Head
A2: Does God Decide?
A3: Roger Ramjet

The Sect [UK Punk]

B1: Pretend
B2: Sarah
Words Of Warning UKWOW 41987EP0 
Oi Polloi

Outrage EP

A1: Outrage
A2: Thugs In Uniform
B1: Resist The Atomic Menace
B2: Death By Night
Words Of Warning UKWOW 51988EP0 

A1: Trivial Pursuit
A2: Autumn

Toxik Ephex

B1: Does Someone Have To Die
B2: Life Is For Living
Words Of Warning UKWOW 619887"0 
Pleasant Valley Children

What The World Needs Now

A1: What The World
A2: Aphrodites Magic Wheel
A3: Flounder
B1: As Good As It Gets
B2: All You Need Is Someone To Kill
B3: Bedlam Valley
B4: ...Needs Now
Words Of Warning UKWOW 81989EP1 

A: Get A Steady Job
B: No Reason To Fight
Words Of Warning UKWOW 1119907"0 

A: What Kind Of World?
B: Violent Resistance
Words Of Warning UKWOW 1619917"0 
Blaggers I.T.A.

A: Here's Johnny
B: Before I Hang
Words Of Warning UKWOW 2219927"1 

A: Tottenham Three
B: To Dub The Impossible
Words Of Warning UKWOW 3319927"0 
Scum Of Toytown

Destruction Of Both Houses Of Parliament By Fire

A1: Sink Or Swim
A2: Jackboot Crusade
B1: Different Drum
Words Of Warning UKWOW 3119937"0 
Bender [UK]

A: Peoples Army
B: Moon Walking
Words Of Warning UKWOW 3919947"0 
King Prawn

A: Depths Of My Soul
B: Felled
Words Of Warning UKWOW 5219977"0 
King Prawn

A: Not Your Punk
B: Big A Little A
Words Of Warning UKWOW 5319977"0 

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