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World Artists - Label Discography

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A: Kawliga
B: Bingo
World [World Artists] USAW-10319627"0 
Terri Robbins

A: For You
B: My First Big Date
World [World Artists] USAW-10419627"0 
Joe Sherman, His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Time Alone Will Tell
B: Seventh Dawn
World Artists USA102419637"0 
Jimmy Interval

A: These Are The Hands
B: Settle Down
World Artists USAWA-100719637"0 
The Peeple

A: Hi Yo Camel
B: Kisses Like Roses
World Artists USAWA-101019637"1 
Lou Christie

A: The Jury
B: Little Did I Know
World [World Artists] USAW-1002Feb 19637"27.0
Mary Jo Tropay

A: Talk To Him
B: Blind Date
World Artists USAW-1005Apr 19637"1 

A: The Smock
B: Dance Party
World Artists USAWA-1006Jul 19637"2 
Joe Sherman And His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Toys In The Attic
B: Too Much Heartache
World Artists USAWA 1008Sep 19637"0 

A: Kickin Kangaroo
B: Sweet Cadillac
World Artists USAWA 1009Sep 19637"2 
The Stereos

A: Mumbling Word
B: Good News
World Artists USAWA 1012Oct 19637"0 
Joe Sherman Orchestra And Chorus

A: I Saw A Star
B: The Stolen Hours
World Artists USA1015Nov 19637"0 

A: I'm Going Home Now
B: Flowers
World Artists USAWA 1011Nov 19637"0 
Bobby Guitar

A: When Girls Do It
B: She's So Fine
World Artists USA103519647"0 
Jimmy Interval

A: Daddy's Little Girl
B: One Sided Love
World Artists USA1018Feb 19647"0 
Joe Sherman Orchestra And Chorus

A: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
B: Danny's Theme
World Artists USA1019Feb 19647"0 
Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde

A: Yesterday's Gone
B: Lemon Tree
World Artists USA1021Apr 19647"2810.0
Christine Quaite

A: Tell Me Mamma
B: In The Middle Of The Floor
World Artists USA1022Apr 19647"79.0
The Shevelles

A: Oo Poo Pa Doo
B: Like I Love You
World Artists USA1023May 19647"1 
The Shevelles

A: I Could Conquer The World
B: How Would You Like Me To Love You
World Artists USA1025Jul 19647"38.3
Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde

A: A Summer Song
B: No Tears For Johnnie
World Artists USA1027Jul 19647"310.0
Christine Quaite

A: Mr. Stuck-Up
B: Will You Be The Same Tomorrow
World Artists USA1028Jul 19647"310.0
The Aztecs [UK]

A: Da Doo Ron Ron
B: Hi Heel Sneakers
World Artists USA1029Aug 19647"4 
Joe Sherman, His Orchestra And Chorus

A: That Certain Party In Apt.14C
B: That Sunday That Summer
World Artists USA1030Sep 19647"2 
Don Charles

A: She's Mine
B: Big Talk From A Little Man
World Artists USA1031Sep 19647"1 
The Moments [World Artists]

A: You Really Got Me
B: Money, Money
World Artists USA1032Sep 19647"39.0
Hamilton King

A: Diana
B: Not Until
World Artists USA1033Oct 19647"0 
Chad And Jeremy

A: Willow Weep For Me
B: If She Was Mine
World Artists USA1034Nov 19647"7 
Reparata And The Delrons

A: Whenever A Teenager Cries
B: He's My Guy
World Artists USA1036Dec 19647"49.0
Johnny Cool

A: Goldfinger
B: Iris
World Artists USA1037Dec 19647"1 
Sherri Weine

A: Start The World Spinning
B: Don't Forget
World Artists USA103819657"0 
Darin D'Anna

A: Bimbo
B: Your Love Is Strong
World Artists USAWA 104619657"0 
Gerri Thomas

A: Look What I Got
B: It Could Have Been Me
World Artists USAWA-105919657"0 
The Oxford 12

A: Goldfinger
B: Iris
World Artists USA1039Jan 19657"1 
Joe Sherman Orchestra And Chorus

A: Sylvia
B: Playthings Of A Broken Heart
World Artists USA1040Jan 19657"3 
Chad And Jeremy

A: If I Loved You
B: Donna, Donna
World Artists USA1041Feb 19657"6 
Mickey Denton

A: Don't Throw My Toys Away
B: One More Time
World Artists USA1043Feb 19657"0 
Darin D'Anna

A: We Were Lovers
B: Gunna Feel Alright
World Artists USA1045Feb 19657"07.0
Mickey Finn

A: This Sporting Life
B: Night Comes Down
World Artists USA1048Mar 19657"1 
Tommy Regan

A: I Adore You
B: Nine To Five
World Artists USA1049Mar 19657"2 
Reparata And The Delrons

A: Tommy
B: Mama Don't Allow
World Artists USA1051Mar 19657"17.0
Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde

A: What Do You Want With Me
B: A Very Good Year
World Artists USA1052Mar 19657"1 
The Charmettes [New York]

A: (Preacher Man) Stop The Wedding
B: Sugar Boy
World Artists USA1053Mar 19657"19.0
Chad And Jeremy

A: What Do You Want With Me
B: A Very Good Year
World Artists USAWA 1052Mar 19657"2 
Johnny Shane

A: Flipity Flop Fly
B: Roseanna
World Artists USAWA 1055Apr 19657"1 
Barry Darvell

A: Where Is The Love For Me
B: I Remember
World Artists USA1042May 19657"0 
Chad And Jeremy

A: From A Window
B: My Coloring Book
World Artists USAWA 1056May 19657"2 

A: A Summer Thought
B: He's The Greatest
World Artists USAWA 1057May 19657"07.0
Barry Darvell

A: I Found A Daisy (In The City)
B: Kissable Lips
World Artists USAWA-1058Jun 19657"1 
Barry Darvell

A: I Found A Daisy (In The City)
B: I Found A Daisy (In The City)
World Artists USAWA-1058Jun 1965Promo Only 7"0 

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