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World Pacific - Label Discography

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Bud And Travis

A: Mexican Wedding Dance (La Bamba)
B: Raspberries, Strawberries (Le Chanson De La Framboise)
World Pacific USAX-801Jan 19597"0 
Don Ralke

A: Maverick
B: Travelin' West
World Pacific USAX-802Mar 19597"0 
Annie Ross With Lambert And Hendricks

A: Jackie

Jon Hendricks

B: Where
World Pacific USAS-20219607"0 
Annie Ross

A: I Was Doin' Alright
B: Everything I've Got Belongs To You
World Pacific USAS-20319607"0 
Jon Hendricks

A: Social Call
B: I'll Die Happy
World Pacific USAS-20419607"0 
Annie Ross

A: All I Need Is A Boy
B: How About You
World Pacific USAS-20519607"0 
Jon Hendricks

A: A Good Git-Together

Jon Hendricks And Pony Poindexter

B: Everything Started In The House Of The Lord
World Pacific USAX-81919607"0 
Darlene Woods And The Starlings

A: That's Me
B: All I Want
World Pacific USAX-811Jan 19607"1 
Stan Ross

A: Please Don't Tease
B: Once Again
World Pacific USAX-813Feb 19607"0 
Jimmy Witherspoon

A: Ain't Nobody's Business
B: There's Good Rockin' Tonight
World Pacific USAX-814Feb 19607"0 
The Gamblers [World Pacific]

A: Moon Dawg!
B: LSD-25
World Pacific USAX-815May 19607"3 
Don Randi

A: Our Last Dance
B: Oh Yeah
World Pacific USAX-817Jun 19607"0 
Les McCann Ltd.

A: Little Girl From Casper
B: They Can't Take That Away From Me
World Pacific USAX820Jul 19607"0 
Les McCann Ltd.

A: Vacushna
B: Fish This Week
World Pacific USAX-823Aug 19607"0 
Carl Reiner And Mel Brooks

A1: 2000 Year Old Man
B1: The Astronaught
B2: The Painter
World Pacific USAX-825Sep 1960Promo Only 7"0 
The Folkswingers

A: Amor A Todos (Get Together)
B: 12 String Special
World Pacific USA39619637"1 
Johnny Hartsman

A: Sizzlin'
B: Soppin'
World Pacific USAX-372Apr 19637"2 
Curtis Amy

A: Native Land (Part 1)
B: Native Land (Part 2)
World Pacific USAX-379May 19637"0 
The Sandells

A: Theme From The Endless Summer
B: 6-Pack
World Pacific USA415Aug 19647"0 
The Sandals

A: Theme From The Endless Summer
B: Endless Summer
World Pacific USA42319657"0 
Jazz Crusaders

A: The Thing
B: Tough Talk
World Pacific USA7780019657"0 
Gil Fuller Orchestra Featuring Dizzy Gillespie

A: Love Theme From The Sandpiper
B: Be's That Way
World Pacific USA7780119657"0 
Monty Alexander

A: Spunky
B: Rattlesnake
World Pacific USA7780419657"0 
The Kentucky Colonels

A: Ballad Of Farmer Brown
B: For Lovin' Me
World Pacific USA427May 19657"0 
Bob Lind

A: Elusive Butterfly
B: Cheryl's Goin' Home
World Pacific USA77808Dec 19657"59.3
Gypsy Trips

A: Rock 'N' Roll Gypsies
B: Ain't It Hard
World Pacific USA77809Dec 19657"18.0
Jon-Jon Lewis

A: I'm A Nut
B: World Full Of Sadness
World Pacific USA77810Dec 19657"1 
Tony Scotti

A: Like Someone In Love
B: I Remember You
World Pacific USA7784319667"0 
Chet Baker And Strings

A: All
B: A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
World Pacific USA7785719667"0 
Sonny Knight

A: If I May
B: Need Your Love So Bad
World Pacific USA77811Jan 19667"0 
Ravi Shankar

A: Song From The Hills
B: Dhun (Folk Air)
World Pacific USA77813Jan 19667"0 
Bud Shank

A: Michelle
B: Michelle
World Pacific USA77814Jan 1966Promo Only 7"0 
Chet Baker And The Mariachi Brass

A: Flowers On The Wall
B: Tequila
World Pacific USA77815Jan 19667"0 
The Hard Times

A: There'll Be A Time
B: You're Bound To Cry
World Pacific USA77816Jan 19667"0 
The Carmel Strings Featuring Larry Knetchel

A: I Hear A Symphony
B: A Lover's Concerto
World Pacific USA77817Feb 19667"1 
Bob Lind

Don't Be Concerned

A1: Elusive Butterfly
A2: Cheryl's Goin' Home
A3: Dale Anne
B1: You Should Have Seen It
B2: Counting
B3: Truly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)
World Pacific USAWPS-4-1841Feb 1966Special Edition 7"0 
The Rhythm Folk

A: He Was A Friend Of Mine
B: Your Land And Mine
World Pacific USA77819Mar 19667"0 
Bob Lind

A: Remember The Rain
B: Truly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)
World Pacific USA77822Apr 19667"110.0
The Mariachi Brass Featuring Chet Baker

A: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
B: Happiness Is
World Pacific USA77823Apr 19667"0 
Bud Shank

A: California Dreamin'
B: Woman
World Pacific USA77824May 19667"0 
Sunday Servants

A: I'm Puttin' You On
B: Who Do You Love
World Pacific USA77825May 19667"2 
The Hard Times

A: Come To Your Window
B: That's All I'll Do
World Pacific USA77826May 19667"0 
Bob Lind

A: I Just Let It Take Me
B: We've Never Spoken
World Pacific USA77830Jun 19667"0 
Sonny Knight

A: If I Ruled The World
B: Angel Love
World Pacific USA77832Jun 19667"0 
Gil And Johnny

A: Come On Sunshine
B: Mama's Little Baby
World Pacific USA77833Jul 19667"0 
The Gosdin Brothers

A: To Ramona
B: Love At First Sight
World Pacific USA77835Jul 19667"2 
Bob Lind

A: San Francisco Woman
B: Oh Babe Take Me Home
World Pacific USA77839Aug 19667"0 
The Sandals

A: Theme From Endless Summer
B: 6-Pac
World Pacific USA77840Aug 19667"0 
Billy Larkin And The Delegates

A: Hold On! I'm A Comin'
B: Dirty Water
World Pacific USA77844Sep 19667"0 
Raga And The Talas

A: My Group And Me
B: For Old Times Sake
World Pacific USA77847Sep 19667"19.0

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