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XL - Label Discography

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  USA  2
  Germany  1
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A: Let It Take Control (Radio Version)
B: House The Crowd (Dub The Crowd)
XL UKXLS 7May 19907"0 

A: Anasthasia (Valentine Boy's Radio Mix)
B: Anasthasia (Out Of History Mix)
XL UKXLS 1919917"01.0
Cubic 22

A: Night In Motion (Radio Edit)
B: Night In Motion (Drum And Base Dub)
XL UKXLS 20Jun 19917"0 
The Prodigy

A: Charly (Alley Cat Mix 7" Edit)
A: Charly (Original Mix)
XL UKXLS 2112 Aug 19917"210.0

A: D.J's Take Control (Edit)
A: Way In My Brain
XL UKXLS 24Oct 19917"0 

A: U.H.F.
B: Everything
XL UKXLS 25Dec 19917"27.0
The Prodigy

A: Everybody In The Place (Fairground Edit)
B: G-Force (Energy Flow)
XL UKXLS 26Dec 19917"310.0

A: Sweet Harmony (Edit)
B: Sweet Harmony (Remix)
XL UKXLS 2819927"0 

A: On A Ragga Tip (Edit)
B: Changing Trax (Original Mix)
XL UKXLS 296 Apr 19927"24.5
The Prodigy

A: Fire (Edit)
B: Jericho (Original Version)
XL UKXLS 3014 Sep 19927"010.0

A: Spring In My Step (Edit)
B: It's Strange (Dances Are Changin') [Original Mix]
XL UKXLS 3119927"0 
House Of Pain

A: Jump Around (Master Mix)
B: House Of Pain Anthem (Master Mix)
XL UKXLS 32Sep 19927"0 
The Prodigy

A: Out Of Space (Edit)
B: Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix)
XL UKXLS 35Nov 19927"18.0

A: Way In My Brain (Edit)
B: Drumbeats
XL UKXLS 36Dec 19927"0 
House Of Pain

A: Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (LP Mix)
B: Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) (Butch Vig Mix)
XL UKXLS 3819927"0 
The Prodigy

A: Wind It Up (The Rewound Edit)
B: We Are The Ruffest
XL UKXLS 395 Apr 19937"0 
The Prodigy

A: Firestarter
B: Molotov Bitch
XL UKXLS 70LCMar 1996Promo Only 7"010.0

A: Narcotic Influence (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix)
B: Ciao (Edit)
XL UKXLS 72 JS19967"0 

A: Internal Call
B: Momentary Call
XL UKXLS 10219987"0 
The Avalanches

A: Since I Left You
B: Thankyou Carloline (Andy Votel Remix)
XL UKXLS 12826 Mar 20017"49.0
Capitol K

A: Pillow
B: Pillow (Leafcutter John's Playtime Mix)
XL UKXLS 13820027"0 
The White Stripes

A: Hotel Yorba (Live At The Hotel Yorba)
B: Rated X (Live At The Hotel Yorba)
XL UKXLS 13912 Nov 20017"0 
The White Stripes

A: Fell In Love With A Girl
B: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
XL UKXLS 14225 Feb 20027"48.5
The White Stripes

A: Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
B: Stop Breaking Down (Live At The BBC Studios Maida Vale)
XL UKXLS 1482 Sep 20027"010.0
Electric Six

A: Danger! High Voltage (Original 7" Mix)
B: I Lost Control (Of My Rock And Roll)
XL UKXLS 1516 Jan 20037"2 
Lemon Jelly

A: Nice Weather For Ducks (Radio Edit)
B: Soft
XL UKIFXLS 15620 Jan 20037"2 
Electric Six

A: Gay Bar
B: The Living End
XL UKXLS 1582 Jun 20037"0 
Peaches [Merrill Nisker]

A: Rock Show

Electric Six

B: Rock Show
XL UKXLS 15920037"0 
Young Heart Attack

A: Over And Over
B: Taco Bail Bondo
XL UKXLS 16020057"1 
The White Stripes

A: Seven Nation Army
B: In The Cold, Cold, Night
XL UKXLLP 162 DJ2003Promo Only 7"010.0
The White Stripes

A: 7 Nation Army
B: Good To Me
XL UKXLS 16221 Apr 20037"19.0
Whirlwind Heat

A: Orange
B: Auto Modown
XL UKXLS 1642 Jun 20037"0 
The White Stripes

A: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
B: Who's To Say...
XL UKXLS 1661 Sep 20037"18.0
Whirlwind Heat

A: Purple
B: Stunning Evaseev
XL UKXLS 16824 Nov 20037"18.0
Young Heart Attack

A: Misty Rowe
B: Radioland Hit Squad
XL UKXLS 17120037"0 
The White Stripes

A: The Hardest Button To Button
B: St. Ides Of March
XL UKXLS 17317 Nov 20037"0 
Peaches [Merrill Nisker]

A: Kick It (Feat. Iggy Pop)
B: Felix Partz Remake (W/Gonzales)
XL UKXLS 17620047"0 
Whirlwind Heat

A: Pink (Alternative Version)
B: Fume
XL UKXLS 17723 Feb 20047"18.0
The White Stripes

A1: There's No Home For You Here
B1: I Fought Piranhas
B2: Let's Build A Home
XL UKXLS 18115 Mar 20047"5 
The Golden Virgins

A: Renaissance Kid
B: Tricks Are For Kids
XL UKXLS 18220047"0 
Young Heart Attack

A: Tommy Shots
B: Get It Hot
XL UKXLS 183Apr 20047"0 
Young Heart Attack

A: Starlite (Radio Edit)
B: We're Desperate
XL UKXLS 191Jul 20047"0 
Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet

A1: Thresher's Flail
B1: Bunk Trunk Skunk
C1: Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle
D1: Wildcat!
E1: Adventure
F1: Fuuuuuun
G1: Stairway To Heaven
H1: Bog
I: Girls on T.V.
J1: We Will Vacation You Can Be My Parasol
J2: Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)
K: October, First Account
L: Love Your Shotgun
M: Fill My Pill
N: Ouch
XL UKXLLP193X27 Mar 2006Box Set 7"0 
Devendra Banhart

A: A Sight To Behold
B: Be Kind
XL UKXLS 19420047"0 
The Radio Dept

A1: Where Damage Isn't Already Done
B1: You And Me Then?
B2: Peace Of Mind
XL UKXLS 19620047"0 
The Golden Virgins

A1: Light In Her Window
B1: Darling, There's The Door (Original Home Demo)
B2: Light In Her Window (Original Home Demo)
XL UKXLS 19726 Jul 20047"0 
Devendra Banhart

A: Little Yellow Spider
B: Will Is My Friend (Live)
XL UKXL 200Sep 20047"0 
The Radio Dept

A1: Ewan
B1: Slottet
B2: The Things That Went Wrong
XL UKXLS 20320047"0 
Lemon Jelly

A: The Shouty Track
B: Baby Battle Scratch
XL UKIFXLS 205Jan 20057"0 
Devendra Banhart

A: At The Hop
B: At The Hop
XL UKXLS 206Nov 20047"0 

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