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Young Blood - Label Discography

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  UK  64
  Germany  50
  Netherlands  24
  Australia  17
  Italy  5
  Canada  2
  France  1
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Mack Kissoon

A: Get Down With It Satisfaction
B: I Really Care About You
Young Blood GermanyDV 1492519697"0 
Mack Kissoon

A: Baby, I Love You
B: In A Dream
Young Blood GermanyDV 1496919697"0 
Don Fardon

A: I'm Alive
B: Keep On Loving Me
Young Blood GermanyDV 14923Aug 19697"0 
Jimmy Powell

A: I Can Go Down
B: Captain Man
Young Blood GermanyDV 14924Aug 19697"0 
Don Fardon

A: Nice Loving You
B: Live Live
Young Blood GermanyDV 14972Dec 19697"0 
Jimmy Powell And The Dimensions

A: Sugar Man
B: Slow Down
Young Blood GermanyDV 14975Dec 19697"0 
Don Fardon

A: Belfast Boy
B: Echoes Of The Cheers
Young Blood GermanyDV 11035Apr 19707"0 
Chain Reaction [Young Blood]

A: Working In The City
B: Cupid's Fool
Young Blood GermanyDV 11036Apr 19707"0 
Julian's Treatment

A: Alda, Dark Lady Of The Outer Worlds
B: Phantom City
Young Blood GermanyDV 11037Apr 19707"16.0

A: Get Ready For Love
B: Can I Get To Know You
Young Blood GermanyDV 11083Jul 19707"610.0

A: Vietnam Rose
B: Each Day
Young Blood GermanyDV 11095Jul 19707"010.0
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation
B: Hudson Bay
Young Blood GermanyDV 11133Oct 19707"1 
Python Lee Jackson

A: In A Broken Dream
B: Doing Fine
Young Blood GermanyDV 11142Jan 19717"09.0

A: Big Step
B: Knight In Shining Armour
Young Blood GermanyDV 11144Jan 19717"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Keep On Laughing Baby
B: Acts Of Violence
Young Blood GermanyDV 11146Jan 19717"0 
Jimmy Powell

A: Sugar Baby
B: Witness To A War
Young Blood GermanyDV 11165Feb 19717"0 
Don Fardon

A: Girl
B: Sandiego
Young Blood GermanyDV 11179Mar 19717"0 
Jack Hammer

A: Colour Combination
B: Swim
Young Blood GermanyDV 11208Apr 19717"1 
Happy Valley

A: I'm A Bum
B: Amazon Lady
Young Blood GermanyDV 11224Jun 19717"0 
Don Fardon

A: Follow Your Drum
B: Get Away John
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 487Nov 19717"0 
Python Lee Jackson

A: In A Broken Dream
B: Doing Fine
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 488Nov 19717"08.0
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: I've Found My Freedom
B: Pidgeon
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 489Dec 19717"0 
Jimmy Powell

A: Hold On (Have You Seen My Baby)
B: Talking Progressive Blues
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 490Dec 19717"0 
Steve N' Bonnie

A: Brief Encounter
B: Lady
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 50419727"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Sing Along
B: Bless Me
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 52719727"0 
Steve 'N' Bonnie

A: Eyes Of Tomorrow
B: Stay Away From My Dreams
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 54219727"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Hey You Love
B: Hey Diddle Diddle
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 509Apr 19727"0 
Don Fardon

A: Belfast Boy
B: Devils Well
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 515May 19727"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Song For Everybody
B: Woman
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 55419737"0 
Dave MacTavish

A: Ooh La La
B: Collie Girl
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 56419737"1 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Beautiful World Out There
B: True Love Forgives
Young Blood International GermanyDL 25 59319737"0 
Don Fardon

A: Delta Queen
B: Home-Town Baby
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 558Jan 19737"1 
Janie And The Marlettes

A: Schoolgirl Notion
B: My Heart Cries For You
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 561Feb 19737"0 
Cockerel Chorus

A: Nice One Cyril
B: Cyril Marches On
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 563Feb 19737"0 
Apollo 100

A: Besame Mucho
B: Apollo Goes West
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 565Apr 19737"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Change It All
B: Bless Me
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 567Apr 19737"0 
Neil Christian

Oldies But Goldies

A: That's Nice
B: She's Got The Action
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 579May 19737"0 
Don Fardon

A: Superwoman
B: Miami Sunset
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 582May 19737"1 
Jimmy Powell

A: Out Of Time
B: I Can Go Down
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 583May 19737"0 

A: Dance A Little Step
B: One Night Stand
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 61219747"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Take Up The Hammer
B: Don't Make Me Cry
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 61419747"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Big Hello
B: I'm Up In Heaven
Young Blood International GermanyDL 25 63919747"0 
Gene Latter

A: Sweet Little Rock'n Roller
B: Annie's Place
Young Blood International GermanyDL 25 64119747"0 
Lee Dallon

A: Star Of A Rock And Roll Band
B: Too Young To Jive
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 611Jan 19747"1 
Apollo 100

A: Orange Blossom Special
B: Talk Back
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 613Jan 19747"0 
Zipp [Zipper]

A: Streak Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air)
B: Funk '74
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 643Jun 19747"0 
Don Fardon

A: Don't Do That
B: Riverboat
Young Blood International Germany6.11 505 (AC)Aug 19747"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: I've Found My Freedom
B: Don't Make Me Cry
Young Blood International GermanyBF 1838119757"0 
Mac And Katie Kissoon

A: Get Down With It - (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction
B: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
Young Blood International Germany6.11 663 (AC)May 19757"0 
Don Fardon

A: Lola
B: 6:10 Phoenix Gone
Young Blood International GermanyBF 18380Oct 19757"0 

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