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ZYX - Label Discography

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Blümchen Blau

A: Flieger
B: Du hast ja einen
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 100919817"0 
Jimmy Jones

A: Swing Your Daddy Pt. 1
B: Swing Your Daddy Pt. 2
ZYX Germany101719827"1 
Mister N

A: Balla Balla (My Baby Balla Balla)
B: Ya Ya
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 102119827"0 
Suzy Q

A: Come Let's Have A Party
B: Shake It Up, Shake Your Body / Get Into The Funky Music Now
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 103119827"0 

Italo Disco

A: Pulstar (Disco Mix)
B: Ebd Title (Blade Runner
ZYX Germany103819837"0 

A: Don't Cry Tonight
B: Don't Cry Tonight (Instrumental Version)
ZYX Germany106819837"0 
John Carpenter

A: Christine Part 1
B: Christine Part 2
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 108919847"0 
Scotch [Italy]

A: Disco Band (Vocal)
B: Disco Band (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 109219847"16.0
Tullio De Piscopo

A: Stop Bajon
B: Stop Bajon (Instr.)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 109419847"0 
Miko Mission [Pier Michele Bozzetti]

A: How Old Are You?
B: How Old Are You? (Instrumental Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 109719847"0 
Valerie Dore

A: The Night
B: The Night (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 109819847"18.5
Pet Shop Boys

A: West End Girls
B: Pet Shop Boys
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 109919847"0 
Camaro's Gang

A: Ali Shuffle
B: Super Shuffle
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 110519847"0 
Valerie Dore

A: Get Closer - Vocal Version
B: Get Closer - Instrumental Version
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 110719847"0 
Scotch [Italy]

A: Delirio Mind
B: Man In The Man
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 110819847"07.0

A: Disco Band (Vocal)
B: Disco Band (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX RECORDS 109219847"08.0
Miko Mission

A: The World Is You (Vocal)
B: The World Is You (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 111119857"0 

A: Every Night
B: Cecilia
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 112119857"0 
Fresh Color

A: Disco Future
B: Disco Future (Dub Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 112219857"17.0
Scotch [Italy]

A: Take Me Up (Long Remix Version)
B: Loving Is Easy
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 112919857"3 

A: Lady Fantasy
B: Lady Fantasy (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 113219857"06.0
Lian Ross

A: Fantasy
B: Saturday Night
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 114319857"0 

A: Time To Say Goodbye
B: Stop Crying For The Moon
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 115719857"07.0
Miko Mission

A: Two For Love (Vocal Version)
B: Two For Love (Instrumental Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 116419857"0 

A: Japanese Girl
B: Japanese Girl (Instrumental Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 116719857"16.0
Jeannie [Germany]

A: Freedom (Die Antwort)
B: Freedom (Instrumental Mix)
ZYX Germany121019867"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: One More Chance (Hurricane Mix By Tess)

Hurricanes [ZYX]

B: Theme For The 'Pet Shop Boys' (PT II)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 119319867"0 
The Unknown Art

A: Blackmail You
B: Blackmail You (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 120119867"0 
Paul Mc Douglas

A: Turbo-Geil
B: Tur-Biene
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 121519867"0 

A: Medley (P. Machinery - Relax)
B: Deejay
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 121719867"0 
Scotch [Italy]

A: Mirage
B: Amor Por Victoria
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 122519867"0 

A: Electric Salsa (Baba Baba)
B: Electric Salsa (Dub Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 125619867"02.0
First Patrol Featuring Napoleon

A: The Streets Of Miami (Vice Rap)
B: The Streets Of Miami (A Capella
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 126719867"0 
Jackie Wilson

A1: Reet Petite (The Sweetest Girl In Town)
B1: You Brought About A Change In Me
B2: I'm The One To Do It
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 126919867"27.5

A: Money Runner
B: Drink A Scotch
ZYX Germany127319877"0 
Various Artists

Italo Boot Mix - Vol VIII

A: Medley
B: Medley
ZYX Germany128019877"0 
Scotch [Italy]

A: Money Runner
B: Drink A Scotch
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 127319877"0 
Eddy Huntington

A: Up And Down
B: Up And Down (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 128119877"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: I Get The Sweetest Feelin´
B: Lonely Teardrops
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 128819877"0 
Jackie Wilson

A: (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
B: Who Who Song
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 132019877"08.0

A: Harry - aber jetzt (Vocal)
B: Harry - aber jetzt (Instr. Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 134519877"0 

A: I Found Lovin'
B: Is This The Future ?
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 134619877"0 
The Fans

A: Olé, Olé, Olé (The Name Of The Game)
B: Olé, Olé, Olé (The Name Of The Game) (Instrumental)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 135019877"17.0
Nina Simone

A: My Baby Just Cares For Me
B: Love Me Or Leave Me
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 135519877"0 
Dance Aid

A: Give Give Give
B: Give Give Give (Senza Voce)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 136019877"0 
The Blue Ridge Rangers

A: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
B: Workin' On A Building
ZYX Germany190919887"0 

Golden Oldies Revival

A: Pulstar
B: Oxygene
ZYX Germany191919887"0 
Zyx Golden Oldies Revival

The Coasters

A: Yakety Yak

Bobby Vee

B: Rubber Ball
ZYX Germany1949-719887"0 
General Meating And Kay

A: HR 3 Mega-Mix
B: HR 3 Mega-Mix (Dub Version)
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 140719887"0 
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Golden Oldies Revival

A: Suzie Q. ( Part 1)
B: I Put A Spell On You
ZYX GermanyZYX REC 190119887"010.0

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