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Name:a p mac
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a p mac
29th Nov 2014

A: Another Nail In My Heart
B: Pretty Thing
sorry if my last post was a bit unclear

the brown A&M label clear copies were undoubtedly made from a different batch of vinyl
they would have almost certainly have been pressed by cbs
the orange A&M label copies you said 'the matrix has no index at all'
this makes me think they may have been pressed somewhere other than cbs
which may explain the difference in appearance between the clear vinyl and the tea bags

it seems like the amount of different chemicals that has gone into vinyl over the years
is quite vast with each chemical reacting with the other
at times there would have been shortages of some chemicals
apparently zinc was favoured because it was easily available
i believe lead was also used which would be sure to have been banned at some point
it is quite clear that even in 1980 that not all manufacturers had perfected
the production of clear vinyl

one day the brown A&M copies may become tea bags as well
how quickly the orangel A&M copies discoloured would depend on the mix of chemicals
i don't doubt what you say about owning them like this for 30 years
they could easily have come off the press discoloured

a p mac
28th Nov 2014

A: Another Nail In My Heart
B: Pretty Thing
re: link added by scratchy45
Furthermore, pure poly-chloroethene is unstable when exposed to visible light or UV. In order to modify this disadvantage and make it suitable for different applications antioxidants are added. additives comprise
Anti-oxidants & other stabilizers Slow down the rate at which the polymer will be degraded by oxygen, heat, visible light or UV radiation

so the stabilizers stop the vinyl from degrading
vinyl also contains zinc among many other chemicals
some stabilizers have a negative effect with zinc
see here

the damned love song was mentioned where crossover copies exist
these are massively rare
if these particular records were crossover copies with the intention of them being brown
how come the brown ones are so hard to find and the tea bags so common
the brown label clear copies are made from a different batch of vinyl
i suspect they may have been pressed somewhere other than cbs
who pressed records for a&m
cbs also pressed the members sound of the suburbs which as far as i know
does not exist in tea bag form
the writing in the run out grooves may give you a clue
they are made from an unstable or over stabilized batch of vinyl
that don't detract from the fact that its a nice little collection you have there
and they sure look better than plain old clear

a p mac
28th Nov 2014

A: Lentilmas : A Seasonal Offering To You From Virgin Records
If this 'debunking' is thought worthy of a small item in Record Collector, it'd be nice to see 45cat given a little credit, I think.

would be only fair but i suspect it won't happen
i almost feel sorry for the person who paid £1,100 for one
just goes to show ignoring 45cat is bad for your wealth

a p mac
24th Nov 2014

A: Lentilmas : A Seasonal Offering To You From Virgin Records
well PJ i'm convinced about the date
all the evidence points to 1975
in your first post in the forum you linked below

RRPG editor Ian Shirley also singled out the disc (stressing the Pistols' involvement) in the excellent BBC Radio 4 documentary on flexis in May 2010, of course. Anyone have any thoughts?

it would seem mr Ian Shirley has some thoughts on it
Just reduced price of LENTILMAS Flexi. It is believed that the Sex Pistols do not appear on it.

LYN 3258 / LYN 3259 is from 1975
yet spunk from 1977
supposedly released a couple of months before lentilmas flexi has LYN 4732 / LYN 4732

the soundcloud link says
We've seen the cover and the flexi-disc. Here's the inside as it arrived as a Christmas card, in . . . 1975?

the one that sold on ebay
shows the front of the card unfortunately not good enough quality to zoom in
the picture no longer shows up on ebay which was better quality and when zoomed in could clearly see a date of december 25th 1975

a p mac
24th Nov 2014
The Boys

A1: First Time
B1: Watcha Gonna Do
B2: Turning Grey
label details now edited and showing in nems discography thanks

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The Boys

A: Brickfield Nights
B: Teacher's Pet
NEMS NetherlandsSRS 510.07619787"0 
The Radiators From Space

A: Television Screen
B: Love Detective
Chiswick France640.13019777"0 

A: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
B: I Don't Care
Sire ItalySAA 74619777"1 

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: Rockaway Beach
Sire ItalySRE 100819787"1 

A: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
B: Commando
Philips France6173 52519777"0 

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