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Arthur Nibble

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Name:Arthur Nibble
Joined:7 Oct 2011
Country:  England
Location:Ashford, Middlesex
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Arthur Nibble
18th Jul 2014

A: In This Universe
B: I'll Do Anything To Keep Me Close To You
Identical triplets from Argentina, all with the same first name of Maria!

Arthur Nibble
23rd Jun 2014

A: Stock Car Racing Is Magic
B: Symphony For Stocks
Yes, folks, it really is THAT Bill Maynard in the credits!

Arthur Nibble
30th Apr 2014
The Dooleys

A: On The Move
B: Easy To Love You
The show that introduced us to Bob Hoskins. RIP Bob.

Arthur Nibble
28th Mar 2014
The Springfields

A: Island Of Dreams
B: The Johnson Boys
This single hiccuped back down the charts on no less than five separate occasions on its way to a top five slot.

Arthur Nibble
20th Mar 2014
Wildwood Country

A1: Old Faithful
A2: Airlie Birds
B1: Super Hull
B2: Going For Touch
The wonderful 7tt77 website has checked the catalogue numbers of other SRT pressings either side of this single and, consequently, reckons this is a 1977 release.

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Elvis CostelloWelcome To The Working Week9
Elvis CostelloAlison10
Elvis CostelloMystery Dance8
Elvis CostelloRed Shoes10

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