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18th Apr 2015
Mr. Big

A: Genevieve
B: I Ain't Been A Man
Looks like this was never released - Dicken "we recorded "Genevieve" along with several other tracks, but felt it wasn't strong enough to be released as a single, so we recorded "Eee I'm All Right" to go with our new image as Pearly Kings."

from this site

7th Apr 2015
Elmer Goodbody Jnr

A: Do Ya'
B: Mad About You
[YouTube Video] Mike Sheridan under a nom de plume

14th Mar 2015
The Damned

A1: I Just Can't Be Happy Today
B1: Ballroom Blitz
B2: The Turkey Song [uncredited]
Mine has a normal A label, but no label at all on the B

>Anybody heard of this single being sold with having no label on both sides, just plain black vinyl?

3rd Mar 2015
Alan Talbot

A: J.C. The Naz

The Following

B: Nazrock
Some kind of London take on Lord Buckley?

[YouTube Video]

3rd Mar 2015
Mike Hart

A: Yawney Morning Song
B: Almost Liverpool 8
I can remember hearing Almost Liverpool 8 on Peel around the turn of the 80s. Hunted for it for years, eventually got the album.

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The School

A: When I Fall In Love
B: Just Let Me Be
Where It's At Is Where You Are UKWIA0140047 Aug 2014Picture Disc0 
My Favorite

A: Second Empire
B: Dance With A Stranger
Where It's At Is Where You Are UKWIA0140057 Oct 2014Picture Disc0 
The Human Hearts

A: The Loyal Opposition
B: Distracted
Where It's At Is Where You Are UKWIA0140067 Nov 2014Picture Disc0 

A: Clean The Night
B: Life We Knew
Where It's At Is Where You Are UKWIA0140077 Dec 2014Picture Disc0 

A: Monsters
B: And The Rain
Where It's At Is Where You Are UKWIA0140017 Apr 2014Picture Disc0 

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