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22nd Jul 2014
Gang Of Four

A1: Damaged Goods
B1: Love Like Anthrax
B2: Armalite Rifle
I have the '78 version. Don't remember the provenance of the sticker, but if it wasn't an insert it must have been given away in the record shop.. hmm - or maybe at a gig, I did see them live a couple of times in late 78/early 79

2nd May 2014
Garage Class

A: Terminal Tokyo
B: One Hell Of A Kiss
I think maybe none have labels - just read an interview with somebody involved with this, and the pressing plant went out of business as this was in production. Mine just has handwritten stickers with 1 and 2 on. (Thought until now this was because it was a promo)

Anyway - any idea where the date of 1981 comes from? I'm sure it's wrong. I wasn't in the job where I got given the promo until at least 82, probably 83. Discogs has it as 1980 but that can't be right.

7th Feb 2014
Nurse Drew And A Family Doctor

A: Family Planning
in which Nurse Drew and a family doctor recommend Genexol as a contraceptive. (Not the drug now known by that name, but a quinine pessary - as far as I can tell)

3rd Dec 2013
The Teardrop Explodes

A1: Sleeping Gas
B1: Camera Camera
B2: Kirkby Workers Dream Fades
I seem to remember seeing it in blue. I wonder if it was the same artwork used for something slightly different?

Edit no - it came in both red and blue apparently

1st Dec 2013
Agnes Bernelle

A: Tootsies (The Juvenile Delinquent)
B: Chansonette
[YouTube Video] was reminded of this today

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Advance Base

A1: Whirlaway The Horse
A2: Spanish Flangdang

Hello Shark

B1: Stayed On An Island
B2: Stars Are Glow
People In A Position To Know USAPIAPTK 0802011EP0 
Advance Base

The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere

A1: Lift Him Up That's All
A2: Mother's Last Word To Her Son
B1: Train Your Child
B2: Paul And Silas In Jail
Orindal USAORD-082013EP0 
Advance Base

A1: Our Cat
A2: WKRP In Cincinnati (Main Theme)
B1: Christmas In Prison
Orindal USAORD-02Jun 2013EP0 
Nurse Drew And A Family Doctor

A: Family Planning
W.J. Rendell Ltd. UKLYN 198Flexi2 
The Life

A: Snake Bite
B: One O'Clock Noon Time
Hi USA45-2138Dec 19677"1 

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