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16th Dec 2011
Billy Storm

A1: Dear One
A2: When You Dance
B1: A Kiss From Your Lips
B2: Honey Love
it is quite possible to have singles with different catalogue numbers on each side - generally these tend to be juke box copies in the UK - these are official releases.
In Italy, there are also juke box singles that are on different record labels on each side - although these are likely to be unofficial releases?

16th Dec 2011
The B-52's

A: Private Idaho
B: Party Out Of Bounds (Instrumental)
such a shame there's not a similar site for 12" singles - I've got the US promo 12" of this one - I believe the remix is only available on the 12" as I've never seen it on CD

16th Dec 2011
The Merrymen Featuring Emile Straker

A: Big Bamboo
B: Island Woman
have you looked in the runout groove for a cat no?

16th Dec 2011
Art Freeman

A: Slipping Around
B: Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Thanks for the info. I'll have to dig it out and scan it.
I bought it in about 1990/91 for 10p from a charity stall - had no idea of what it was at the time, just simply because it looked interesting and I didn't have many acetates.

Dave VanMusicMaster
musicmasters (using a different pc away from home)

13th Dec 2011
The Adventures

A: Send My Heart
B: These Children (Live)
to add to the confusion Chrysalis in their infinite wisdom issued the same catalogue number to the picture disc version of this single

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