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Billy Two
My Wants list is serious, and some of my collection list is up for shifting. If you're interested in a trade, then please contact me on the Personal Message (PM) button. Cheers !

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Name:Billy Two
Joined:13 Nov 2008
Country:  England
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Billy Two
4 hours ago
Ruts DC

A: Different View
B: Formula Eyes
I haven't got to that far in the biography yet !!

Billy Two
23rd Nov 2015

A: In A Rut
B: H-Eyes
New biography on The Ruts, "Love In Vain", has the release date for this down as 11th Jan, so I've amended accordingly.

Billy Two
10th Nov 2015
Bush [UK]

A: The Chemicals Between Us
B: Homebody
"...to catch up on the missing singles that my pathetic local shops refused to stock."

It's worth asking how anyone, even in 1999, could have possibly made any money out of selling 7"'s at £1.49. And the answer is : they couldn't.

Major label/band vinyl 7"'s like this Bush release were commonly punted as a loss leader. It would be sold to big record stores (Tower/HMV/Virgin etc) at major discount prices, sometimes even given for free, in the hope that the sales generated by new customers "taking a chance on a cheapie" would lead onto people becoming new fans, buying the album, t-shirt, tickets for live shows...that's where the real money lay (still lies), and it was worth offsetting a few thousand pounds as investment in the long term gains.

So, all good for the record buyer and the larger record shop.

However, it was an absolute disaster for small/local shops. Problem was, the major distributors weren't interested in only shipping 3 copies to "Joe's Wax Emporium" in Timperley (to make up an example). You had to buy in bulk to get these discounts, and Joe's WE would never have shifted 30 copies, even at £0.99. And if he only wanted 3 copies, then he'd have to pay full dealer price (typically £1.99 upwards), thus ensuring his prices were twice as high as Tower/HMV/Virgin's etc.
So this is Joe's conundrum : he buys three, sells them at £3.49 each, and no-one buys them as they're cheaper at Tower. Or, he buys none, and people don't shop there as he has no good new stuff in (and what he does have is waaaaay more than Tower sells it for...rip-off merchant).

Joe's shop closes down, with story repeated time and time and time again over the following decade.

The punchline to all this is that 15 years later, major labels are - with a breath-takingly bold hypocrisy - actually taking credit for SAVING record shops with their self-serving, self-consuming Record Store Day ruse, while (and this bit's a cracker) HMV stand on the sidelines bleating about how it's unfair that they don't get to participate in RSD !!

It may well have been that some of your local shops were pathetic, musicmasters, but many, many decent businesses were sent to their death by vicious corporate underselling such as described here.

Billy Two
3rd Nov 2015
The Who

A: Pinball Wizard
It's actually almost unthinkable that a band the size of The Who didn't have a test pressing done for each and every release. Test pressings are made to ensure that everyone closest to the band and involved with the release are happy with the results and that there are no inherent pressing faults, before thousands of copies are run off.

This isn't meant as an argument either for or against it having a separate entry. Other people can battle that one out !!

Billy Two
2nd Nov 2015
The Beatles

A1: Nowhere Man
A2: Drive My Car
B1: Michelle
B2: You Won't See Me
Huge temptation to play Sketch-A-George !!

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A: A Wha Dem Do

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B: Answer Riddim
Blacker Dread Jamaica7"0 

A: What A Gwaan

Computer Paul

B: Burial
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A: Fool Fool Law (Mix 1)
B: Fool Fool Law (Mix 1)
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A: Want To Cry

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B: Hands On Me Rhythm
Brickwall Jamaica19997"0 
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A: Sun Shine

Sam Sam

B: Need Her
Ajang UKJEM 0347"0 

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