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Billy Two
My Wants list is serious, and some of my collection list is up for shifting. If you're interested in a trade, then please contact me on the Personal Message (PM) button. Cheers !

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Name:Billy Two
Joined:13 Nov 2008
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Billy Two
23rd May 2015

A: Take On Me
B: Love Is Reason
From the ever reliable Wikipedia :

"The band moved into an apartment in London and began calling on record companies and publishing houses. After a few meetings with various A&R personnel, the band signed with a publishing house called Lionheart. A-ha then returned to Norway to earn some money. When they returned to London, they left Lionheart out of frustration. They decided to record new demos, and chose the studio of musician and producer John Ratcliff, intending to re-record five songs. The band signed with Ratcliff, who in return introduced them to his manager, Terry Slater. With this encouragement, the band managed to complete some songs, including "Take On Me". After a few meetings, Slater signed them with Warner Bros. Records.
The band met with producer Tony Mansfield, an expert in the use of the Fairlight CMI, who mixed the demos with electronic instrumentation. The sound was not what A-ha had hoped to achieve, and the album was remixed again. The band rushed to release "Take On Me" as a single in the United Kingdom but the single flopped. After this, Warner Brothers' main office in the United States decided to invest in the band, and gave them the opportunity to re-record the song. Terry Slater convinced Alan Tarney to produce the new version. The song was soon completed and re-released in the United Kingdom, but the record label's office in London gave them little support, and the single flopped for the second time

Does this mean that the blue plastic labels and the paper labels are different versions ??!

Billy Two
23rd May 2015

A: Take On Me
B: Love Is Reason
...and John Ratcliff and A-Ha as producers on the b-side !!

A guess would be that the earlier paper labels are wrong, and were corrected on further pressings, but that's a total guess.

Billy Two
22nd May 2015
Marc Bolan

A: A Soldier's Song (Demo)
B: Reality (Demo)
Hmmm...it's easy to blame the likes of Universal for pressing plant delays (and it IS easy. And justified), but it looks like Easy Action themselves are part of the whole RSD shenanigan, which is the cause for so many smaller labels to be facing hold ups whether they're part of the annual April bumrush or not.

Maybe if everybody took to spacing out releases a bit more over the course of the entire year rather than trying to mass cash-in on one single day, then backlogs and delays like this would be less likely to occur.

Billy Two
20th May 2015
The Cure

A: Catch
B: Breathe
I used to love this track, by the way. Had it on a cassingle.

Billy Two
20th May 2015
The Cure

A: Catch
B: Breathe
At least one greater than personal opinion.

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Big Vern

A: Premonition
B: Greedy
Park UKPRKS 119897"0 
C Joynes

33 Chatsworth Rd

A1: Triennale (New Peasant Shirt)
A2: Sang Kancil
B1: Tango Wire 334
B2: Librarie Du Maghreb
Alt. Vinyl UKAV062May 2015EP0 

A: Machine Gun
Mercury USAISLR 16883-729 Apr 2008Promo Only 7"0 

A1: Cluster
A2: Volume Moon
B1: CosEy
B2: Paranoia
B3: Defector
Polytechnic Youth UKPY 1017 May 2014EP0 
Blonde Redhead

A: Amescream
B: Big Song
Oxo USAOXO 00919937"0 

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