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Name:carey jeggs
Joined:11 May 2011
Country:  England
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carey jeggs
26th Apr 2016
Ted Nugent

A: Stormtroopin'
B: Hey Baby
For the benefit of anybody wary of his politics but unfamiliar with this song it should be pointed out that the lyrics clearly suggest that Stormtrooping is an activity of which Ted disapproves.

carey jeggs
21st Apr 2016
Randy Bell

A: Don't Do Me
B: Someone's Fantasy
It would be an act of sheer recklessness to try it though.

carey jeggs
20th Apr 2016
Gene Vincent

A: Bird-Doggin'
B: Ain't That Too Much?
I never got that Mods v Rockers business in the Sixties.You must choose;Little Richard or Major Lance? Both,surely.
A more useful distinction would have been between the BeatlesStonesBobDylanBeachBoys-have changed-music-forever-and-nothing-else-is-worth-listening-to camp and the rest of us.

carey jeggs
13th Apr 2016
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A1: Slow Poke
A2: Rattlesnakin' Daddy
B1: Heavenly Road
B2: Pan American
You SHALL go to the ball.

carey jeggs
12th Apr 2016
Bruce Willis

A: Secret Agent Man / James Bond Is Back
B: Lose Myself
Blaa blaa.

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James O'Flynn And His Orchestra

Irish Folk Dances Vol.1

A1: Rickett's Hornpipe
A2: Stack Of Barley
B1: Fairy Reel
B2: O'Donnell Abu
Liberty UKLEP 40341965EP1 
Gene McDaniels

A Change Of Mood

A1: Chip Chip
A2: Another Tear Falls
B1: A Tear
B2: She's Come Back
Liberty UKLEP 20541962EP010.0
Troy Shondell

A: Tears From An Angel
B: Island In The Sky
Liberty DenmarkLIB 55398 K7"1 
The Ice Men

A: How Can I Get Over A Fox Like You
B: Loogaboo (The Choice Is Yours)
ABC USA45-11038Feb 19687"6 
The Rascals

A: Lucky Day
B: Love Letter
CBS UKCBS 767210 Dec 19717"0 

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