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If its 50 pence, I like it!



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Joined:16 Feb 2010
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13th Sep 2014
Jet Harris And Tony Meehan

A1: Scarlett O'Hara
A2: (Doing The) Hully Gully
B1: Diamonds
B2: Footstomp
For accuracy this needs correcting surely as record label & sleeve both say scarle~ TT not scarlet?

12th Sep 2014
Flanagan And Allen

A1: Underneath The Arches
A2: Home Town
B1: Hey Neighbour
B2: The Umbrella Man
this must have been very popular as it made it into a 3rd 60's style black + blue print issue.

8th Sep 2014
Ruddy And Sketto

A: Little Schoolgirl

Del. Roy Wilson

B: I'll Change My Style
Now you have listed these labels:
Soul On Fire, Good Old Gold and Groove,
I will put 10p on those 3 and the Studio label as being the work of the same firm! The font [is mostly] identical and the style is to similar to not be, from the same firm.

Double shot is the odd one out design wise, but to my untrained eye with its unmatched tracks looks like a classic popcorn bootleg label. In fact theres another which matches Double shot - K ARK. All dubious and not legit.

POST: K-ARK nl seems to be a bootleg named after an american label based in St Louis ? see here

7th Sep 2014
Ruddy And Sketto

A: Little Schoolgirl

Del. Roy Wilson

B: I'll Change My Style
Sorry stampkool but I think this is definately not sixties, most likely just another late 90's/ 2000 bootleg series. Im no expert of Fonts etc might be a little job for WBL, but that font layout looks recent? I also would expect a picture sleeve, even from a small label.

see here for a various selection of 1968 label releases in the netherlands

{Also B.i.e.m seems more common than Stemra? }

6th Sep 2014
Ronnie And The Ramblers

A: Woman Of Mine
B: Crow Calypso
how strange I have no memory of this record at all, must try and find it to scan. [and play!]

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A: Pop-stars
B: Patterns
Adventure [RUS] UKAD 0017"0 
Patti And The XL's

A: You've Got A Hold On Me
B: I'm The Victim Of A Broken Home
Dot USA45-169427"0 
The Cabarets

A: There Must Be A Way
B: Times Is Tough
Saxony USA2006Jan 19977"0 
Flowers [UK]

A: Joanna
B: Rachel's Song
Fortuna Pop! UKFPOP1631 Sep 20147"010.0
Small Faces

A: Album Sampler
Immediate UKNEMLP 74151999Special Edition 7"1 

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ArtistTrackcarryonsidney's Rating
Flowers [UK]Rachel's Song10
Flowers [UK]Joanna9
MotörheadTurn You Round Again6
MotörheadI Got Mine8
The Dixie CupsWhat Kind Of Fool8
Billy MacCornish Anthem 768
Billy MacSt Austell x Blues7
Billy MacSo Did I6
Billy MacHows It Feel6
Jan And KjeldI Can't Give You Anything But Love6

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