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8th Mar 2012
Frank Bacon

A1: Hippy Hippy Shake

The Town Sparrows

A2: I'm The One

Suzanne Scott

A3: As Usual

Hal Prince

B1: Poison Ivy

Maggie Roberts

B2: Baby, I Love You

Hal Prince

B3: I Wanna Be Your Man
All the tracks on this release appear on Allan Crawford's other labels. Hippy Hippy Shake and Poison Ivy, Baby I love you, and I wanna be your man appear on Crossbow XB013; I'm the one is on both Cannon EP020 & Crossbow XB012. As Usual appears on Crossbow XB011.

8th Mar 2012
Tony Steven And The Mischief Makers

A1: I'll Keep You Satisfied

Tony And Laura

A2: Deep Purple

The Foresters

A3: Blowing In The Wind

Maggie Roberts

B1: Secret Love

Hal Prince

B2: Fools Rush In

Frank Bacon

B3: You'll Never Walk Alone
All the tracks on this release appear on Allan Crawford's other labels. I'll keep you satisfied, Deep Purple and Blowing in the Wind appear on Crossbow XB010; Secret Love is on Cannon EP018; while Fools Rush in and You'll never walk alone appear on Cannon EP017.

8th Mar 2012
The Town Sparrows

A1: Sugar And Spice

Lisa Sidney

A2: I (Who Have Nothing)

Hal Prince

A3: Everybody

Maggie Roberts

B1: Be My Baby

Tony Steven

B2: The First Time

Derek Player

B3: Blue Bayou
Sugar and Spice, I who have nothing, Be my Baby and The First Time, all appear on Cannon EP 017

8th Mar 2012
Frank Bacon And The Baconeers

A1: Do You Love Me

The Spartans Featuring Don Stanford (Guitar) And Frank King (Drums)

A2: Applejack

Tony Steven

A3: Wishing

Joanna Bell

B1: Then He Kissed Me

Tony Steven

B2: Still

Hal Prince

B3: If I Had A Hammer
Do You love me and Applejack appear on both Cannon EP016 & Crossbow XB007, whilst Then he kissed me and Still are on Cannon EP016.

8th Mar 2012
Joan Baxter And Hal Prince

A1: I Want To Stay Here

The Ravers

A2: I'll Never Get Over You

The Batchelor Girls

A3: You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry

Frank Bacon And The Baconeers

B1: She Loves You

Joan Baxter

B2: Easier Said Than Done

Hal Prince

B3: It's All In The Game
All the tracks on this release appear on Allan Crawford's other labels. You don't have to be a Baby to cry, She Loves you & Easier said than done appear on Crossbow XB006; I want to stay here & I'll never get over you appear on Crossbow XB007; and It's all in the Game appears on Cannon EP015.

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The Caroliners

A: Caroline

Tony Stevens

B: Turn Around
Sabre UKSA45619647"0 

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