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16th Jul 2014
Michel Polnareff

A1: Ta Ta Ta Ta
A2: Rosée D'amour N'a Pas Vu Le Jour Rosée Du Jour N'a Pas Eu D'amours
B1: Le Pauv' Guitariste
B2: Complainte A Michaël
Sleeve on this one is interesting and features something I've never seen elsewhere - a push-out badge (the circular picture which forms the 'o' of polnareff on the rear). Not only that but once pushed out, you have the exact same circular image/photo printed on the INSIDE of the card just under where the detachable 'badge' was. Lovely!!

23rd Dec 2013

A: Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown
B: The More Things Change
[YouTube Video]

9th Oct 2013
The Misunderstood

A: Children Of The Sun
B: I Unseen
I'd wager that the push-out centred version of this is at least 5 times scarcer than the large centre press.

19th Sep 2013
The Bob Leaper Orchestra

A: High Wire
B: The Lost World
[YouTube Video]

19th Sep 2013
The Bob Leaper Orchestra

A: High Wire
B: The Lost World
My Apologies, it was a different Ted Astley arrangement used for Series 2 and 3, not RCA 1492

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The Misunderstood

A1: Children Of The Sun
A2: Who Do You Love
B1: I Unseen
B2: I Can Take You To The Sun
Emidisc UK1966Acetate1 

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