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18th Nov 2014
Children Of Argyle School, Camden

A: The Green Cross Code Song

Magna Carta

B: When You're Young
I have the same record but released by the London Borough of Enfield. That would make three listings for essentially the same record. Is it worth cluttering up the Magna Carta listing with more than one (presumably other local authorities/road safety organisations also issued the record as well as those already known)?? Perhaps one entry with the others listed in the Notes would suffice?

16th Nov 2014

A: Tu Non Mi Lascerai
B: Cartoline
I don't think this can be an October 1966 release. Although the B-side states Octobre 1966, the A-side has Octobre 1967. The cat no fits better with the later release date too.

My copy of this has a four-page insert stapled within the gatefold sleeve. The inserts lauds "4 Years Of Success" and illustrates Mina's albums released during that period.

5th Oct 2014
Nurse Drew

A: A Recorded Talk By Nurse Drew On Family Planning
A second listing for Nurse Drew! I have followed precedent by quoting WJ Rendell Ltd as the label although both flexis were manufactured by Lyntone.

5th Oct 2014
The Honeycombs

A: Have I The Right?
B: Please Don't Pretend Again
Just noticed that my copy of the Philips three-prong pressing has the O/T tax code plus a numeral "7" stamped onto the push-out centre (B-side). A bit odd?

3rd Oct 2014
The Echo's Velvet Touch

A: Hurry Home
Thanks for the suggestion Felonious (and the E+E item was interesting too). The acetate probably dates from the 60s, maybe into the 70s. I confess that I had very faint, if unrealistic, hopes that it might have been a demo by Exeter's Velvet Touch from back then. But they were basically a covers/pop/soul band and the acetate is distinctly country sounding. Still, until I learn otherwise, I can keep hoping....

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Sylvio Siobud

Roy! Manman! Ca Chaud

A1: Evasion
A2: Mazurka Dans La Nuit
B1: Mi Ti Saxo La
B2: Moune La Pointe
Typic FranceG 362 LDEP0 
Ruddy Castell Y Su Tipica Orquesta

A1: Ansiedad
A2: Por Tu Amor
B1: Passeron Cha Cha
B2: Lagrimas De Nova
Typic FranceG 295 LDEP0 
Tino Contreras Y Su Tropical Jazz

A1: Oui Oui Monsieur
A2: Munequita De Celuloide
B1: The Family Twist
B2: Marila
Typic FranceG 302 LDEP0 
Julio Viera

Grand Prix De L'Originalite

A1: Sanson Y Dali
A2: Escaleras De Montmartre
B1: Las Cabras Negras
B2: Playas De Gran Canaria
Typic FranceG 377 LDEP0 
Peter Tatham

There's Precious Little Time

A1: There's Precious Little Time
A2: Faith, Hope, Love, Change
B1: A Ballad For The Falkland Isles
B2: The Slug And The Snail
Oldstone UKOLP 11983EP0 

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