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19th Sep 2014
Larry Williams

A: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
B: Slow Down
Yes teddyboydwarf, it is a generational thing. I am old enough to remember some of the rock n' roll years. But I am delighted to say that my teenage years co-incided neatly with the 60s British group era. When I think of the groups that I saw live during the 60s - not just in theatres and clubs but in village halls as well - I kick myself now for the groups I could have seen if I could have been bothered. It might have "ersatz" copying in the early days but without it in the wilds of Devon I would have remained totally unaware of the roots of the music I enjoyed, and still collect today. Like it or not, the world always moves on and British R&B, freakbeat, psych, folk/rock etc etc in the 60s was "ours" and on the doorstep.

19th Sep 2014
Joy And Dave

A: My Very Good Friend The Milkman
B: Doopey Darling
The clue guys is in the word "Guide". It is just not realistic to take every word or valuation in RRPG for gospel.

13th Sep 2014
Four Jacks And A Jill

A: Master Jack
B: I Looked Back
I found my Australian RCA copy here in Sussex, England. My copy of the Rhodesian tri-centre was acquired in Denver, Colorado. Funny how records get around.

10th Sep 2014
Circus [UK]

A: Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday
B: Sink Or Swim
And were originally the excellent Stormsville Shakers. Hence the P. G-T compositions on both singles.

10th Sep 2014
The Pandamonium

A: Season Of The Witch
B: Today I'm Happy
I think it was the other way round bertsqui. The band came from Kent and they were originally called The Pandas. Apparently they were still called The Pandas when they made their first recordings and did not know about the change of name until the first single came out.

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Max Bygraves

A: Jingle Bell Rock
Decca UKDRX 264491959Promo Only 7"0 
The Dials [UK, Brighton]

A: Maxine
B: Hey Denise
Wessex UKWEX 26619797"2 
Apartment [Belfast]

A: We'll Have A Holiday
B: Weekend
Strong UKWR 319817"4 
[unknown artist]

A: I Need To Feel You
LTS UK7"1 
White Gold [indie]

A: Bramley Hustle
B: Dreams
White Gold UKIOU 10019797"1 

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