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28th Aug 2014
The Dials [UK, Brighton]

A: Maxine
B: Hey Denise
A new entry for the Wessex label listings. The label/sleeve credits do not suggest any connection with any of the other acts listed under this name. Mods may wish list separately.

25th Aug 2014
Looking Glass [Philips]

A: Can You Believe
B: Freedom In Our Time
Leonard, if it helps the only reference I can find for this group is in Vernon Joynson's "Tapestry of Delights" which credits the single to a "pick up band" featuring Sunny and Sue. Both ToD and the RRPG list a UK release for this single in 1970 on Philips cat. no. BF 1837.

23rd Aug 2014
The Dollies

A1: The Old Trafford Chant
A2: The European Cup's All Yours

Hugh Johns

B1: Highlights From The Sound Commentary Of The Match
Hi Zabadak, just noticed you're a Grecian too! So far no one has owned up to being a "Pilgrim" though.

17th Aug 2014
A. P. Dangerfield

A: Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar)
B: Further Conversations
According to Mike Read's excellent and comprehensive "South Coast Beat Scene in the 1960s" the singer was David Denton (real name David McClean) previously with West Sussex group The Deltas.

10th Aug 2014
Apartment [Belfast]

A: We'll Have A Holiday
B: Weekend
This band came from Belfast and as far as I know this was their only single. Mods may wish to differentiate from other acts with the same name.

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The Dials [UK, Brighton]

A: Maxine
B: Hey Denise
Wessex UKWEX 26619797"2 
Apartment [Belfast]

A: We'll Have A Holiday
B: Weekend
Strong UKWR 319817"4 
[unknown artist]

A: I Need To Feel You
LTS UK7"1 
White Gold [indie]

A: Bramley Hustle
B: Dreams
White Gold UKIOU 10019797"1 
Amber [UK '80s]

A: Trying To Forget You
B: Life Must Go On
Amber UKSRTX/81/CUS 98119817"1 

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