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19th Apr 2011
The Killjoys

A: Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
B: Naive
I am now going to say there are five pressings of this record.

1) The one with the pink label printed above.
2) The one with a pink label and a Creole records distribution credit.
3) The one with a 'New Wave Series' green label.
4) The one with a green label featuring a razor (see into the 1980s by the Now).
5) The one with the white label above.

At what point did they finally spell his surname correctly?

17th Nov 2010
Sex Pistols

A: God Save The Queen
B: No Feeling
I cannot remember the exact details (i.e. which label) but when one of the big majors' london offices closed down/went bust c.2000, members of staff were given pristine original copies of this as an unofficial pay-off; at least one of my friends' partners had one to sell, and got £1-2000 for one.

Someone, somewhere probably still has a box of them, though it could be 'Big A&M Herb' himself!

25th Oct 2010
Angelic Upstarts

A: The Murder Of Liddle Towers
B: Police Oppression
I would be amazed if there were really as many as 1,000 of these.

Car-boot tip for spotting an original; they have card sleeves rather than crappy, early Rough-Trade quality rough paper ones.

To confuse things more, there are more sleeves than records; the only original sleeve I have ever had my hands on had the reissue record in it.

25th Oct 2010
The Normal

A: T.V.O.D.
B: Warm Leatherette
Wiser people than me can maybe help...

There are lots of pressings of this - Mute didn't take much off catalogue - but how do you spot the very first?

The one I think is the earliest has a rough paper sleeve (same kind of quality as a Fairytale In A Supermarket-era Rough Trade record) and a thick record, a bit like a first press of United by Throbbing Gristle.

The label is smooth on the outside but rough towards the middle.

Any advance on that?

23rd Apr 2010

A1: Teenage Girl Crush
B1: Call Me
B2: La Passion De Jeune Fille
From Lancaster, they were girls in their mid-teens when they made this - kind of a Steve Lamacq-era novelty record. Made a few more singles for Fantastic Plastic later, the first of which is brilliant.

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