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David M. McKee
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Name:David M. McKee
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David M. McKee
8th Jun 2015
Dannie Dexter

A: Sweet Mama
B: Go On
This from Dannie Dexter today: -
When I was finishing my Senior year of College I had the privilege of going into Nashville for a recording session. I did twosessions that day and came out with 'End Of The Line' and 'I'm a Number One Fool Two'. They were on Fraternity Records out of Cincinnati, Ohio. At this time, my friend Bobby Bare was on the same label with All American Boy as his first single for the label. Mine was a two sided regional hit and of course, I was excited about that. My name is Donnie Dexter, just for the record. Well, after all that was over my good friend put me in touch with Dover records out of New Orleans. I had just recorded a blown-out session that produced 'Sweet Mama' and 'Go On'. However when the record came out, they mispelled my name by placing Dannie Dexter on it. Yes, I was upset, because I did have a track
record that was starting to build for me. Joe Melson became a very close friend of mine and he put me in touch with Roy Orbison who produced the session for me. I will have to say I was shakin' in my boots because Roy was a hero of mine. (at that time, he had 'Mean Woman Blues' out that was blowing up the sky). I had all of the "A" pickers in Nashville
on this session. As you can tell my good friend Charlie McCoy just blew this song away. (We are still very close and do some things together)
Just a little story as how things go in the Music Business. Joe was a close friend and each year he and family would go back home to Wink, Texas for Christmas.Well, when they got back to Nashville Joe called me and asked me to come over to his house because he had a song he had written while in Texas. He told me that I would be the first to hear this song and that he appreciated my ear. Well, Joe was a hero of mine too, and of course I could hardly wait to drive out to his house. When I got there and got settled in his writing room, he started to sing the new song, and it was 'Blue Bayou'. Well, I was hooked from the first verse. He looked at me and said, "What do you think." I said, "My good
friend, you have written a classic." Joe was the brains behind Roy on the songs. He always called him lazy because he wanted to sleep all the time.
Now, this is how my day came about today on 'Sweet Mama'. I was going through some old records and I found one of the 'Sweet Mama' session. I laid it down on the floor and while I was getting up I put my hand on the record (accidentally) and it cracked!!! (I told my wife to come in and kick my "ass" as hard as she could.) Now, my wife is very gentle and kind, and
she told me to just slow down and she would see what she could find out.
I have always been in the music industry and have managed many many artists. My friend Sam Phillips encouraged me to move to Memphis, and I did. I managed Jerry Lee Lewis (for about 30 minutes) Charlie Rich, Ronnie McDowell, Al Green and the list goes on and on.

David M. McKee
28th May 2015
The Champs

A: Tequila
B: Train To Nowhere
Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show. May 03, 1958.

[YouTube Video]

David M. McKee
24th May 2015
Marty Wilde

A: By The Time I Get To Phoenix
B: Shutters And Boards
MusicVF.com has this: -

13. 10/1962 Ever Since You Said Goodbye by Marty Wilde 31 UK written by Alan Fielding
14. 02/1968 By the Time I Get to Phoenix by Marty Wilde 56 UK written by Jimmy Webb (as Jim Webb)
15. 07/1969 Abergavenny by Marty Wilde 47 US 22 as Shannon in the US written by Marty Wilde (as Frere Manston) & Jack Gellar

David M. McKee
23rd May 2015
Bobby Curtola And The Syndicate

A: Mammy Blues
B: Free To Carry On (Kingston Harbor)
Found it - my source was a book by Elaine Keillor - 'Music In Canada'. On page 244 it says this: -
'When Bobby Curtola failed to interest a recording company, he formed Tartan Records and undertook his own management.'

David M. McKee
23rd May 2015
Bobby Curtola And The Syndicate

A: Mammy Blues
B: Free To Carry On (Kingston Harbor)
George Slv - you're right, the label belonged to Dyer and Basil Hurdon. I read somewhere that Bobby had launched the Tartan label in 1960 and mistakenly thought that it was his own label. I stand corrected.

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Luis Cardenas

A: Hungry For Your Love
B: Hungry For Your Love
Allied Artists [Dist. Capitol] USAPB-7250219867"0 
Hans Ledermann Conducting The Sonar Sym. Orch.

A: Scherezade First Movement
B: Scherezade Second Movement
Promenade USAA-377"0 
Sue Hiatt

A: Woman, Let Go Of My Man
B: Deep As Your Pocket
Crosstown USA10107"0 
Hardrock Gunter And Bobby Durham

A: Hillbilly Twist
B: As Long As You're Happy
Starday USA58124 Feb 19627"0 
Shorty Sullivan

A: Gotta Have Your Love Tonight
B: Tell Me, Tell Me
Von [Mississippi] USA100419557"0 

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