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Disc Man
18th Mar 2012
Tony Richie

A: Anybody At The Party Seen Jenny
B: You Can't Win
Yes. Tony Richie and David Pigden were writing together in the late 60s and through the 70s. Tony dipped in and out of Mathew Passion at live gigs. Sir Adrian (Pigden) was maybe the loudest guitar man ......ever! George Stokes on keyboards. All North Londoners.

Disc Man
18th Mar 2012
Yakety Yak

A: Keep On
B: Yakety Yak
Clive Stanhope (producer on Yakety Yak) ) did backing "ooos and aaahhs" on Mathew Passion's title Company Director (Dart 2038) at Sarm Studios. Adrian Pigden on guitars. (Sir Adrian with Mathew Passion).

Disc Man
18th Mar 2012
The Swinging Blue Jeans

A: Hippy Hippy Shake
B: Baby Mine
Sir Adrian was Adrian Pigden......................guitarist with Mathew Passion. His wild solo is missing on the pressing of Mean Guitar Man (Dart)...........ahead of his time!

Disc Man
18th Mar 2012
David Hamilton

A: Just Like That
B: Have You Heard The News
I don't think Mathew Passion did the backing on this one. They probably did the demo. Mathew Passion live gigs featured Adrian Pigden on some pretty wild guitar licks; taking his solos out into the crowd on a 30 foot extended lead.

Disc Man
18th Mar 2012
Johnny Hackett

A: Raincoats On The River

Johnny Hackett With Sharon

B: My Cherie Amour
Produced by Harold Spiro and may have been Mathew Passion as session musicians. Adrian Pigden was guitarist with Mathew Passion. Johnny Hacket better known as stand up comedian.

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