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9th Apr 2014
The Embraceables

A: Destiny
B: Come Back
Surely one of the most attractive U.S. record labels, and quite ahead of its time for 1962: full-colour artwork is something one would associate with label designs from the 1970s and later.

25th Nov 2013
John (Hoddan) MacDonald

A: Tarbh Ur An A.I.
B: Cuibhl' An Fhortain
Another victim of 'noises off': on the B-side, Hoddan gamely soldiers on with a beautiful unaccompanied Gaelic song while a Scottish accordion dance band can be clearly heard living it up in the next studio....

1st Aug 2013
Hot Chocolate

A: Mindless Boogie
B: Don't Turn It Off
The un-cut area between successive windings of a record groove - the 'land' - was (usually) set wide enough to prevent the playback stylus jumping, and avoid any pre- or post-echo from one winding to the next. One figure I've heard is that the inter-groove land should be half the width of the cut groove itself, allowing for modulation.

When seen through a microscope, the grooves of 'Every 1's a winner' (270), and a close labelmate, Smokie ('Needles and pins', 263) appear startlingly different. One wonders how the former plays at all without the stylus jumping about the disc like a gazelle: the land area is practically non-existent. I suspect that the groove is cut deeper than usual to allow increased volume (minimising the effect of echo) and avoid the jumping problem (Hot Choc discs from this period are quite bass-heavy!) The Smokie disc has a much more 'normal' look to it.

The land, being the remnant of the original shiny surface of the uncut disc, reflects light. If the width of the land is reduced substantially, less light is reflected, and the disc surface appears darker.

My £0.0.4 anyway.

(UPDATE: photomicrographs of the two discs uploaded here, for anyone interested.)

16th May 2013
Gerry Marsden

A: Please Let Them Be
B: I'm Not Blue
It definitely had a hole when I scanned it! I don't have this record any more so can't make another scan. Mods, please would you delete my images and move Wurzelsepp's into pole position - thanks.

26th Apr 2012
The Young Tyrants

A: She Don't Got The Right!
B: I Try!
How about this 3-track "semi-EP", on which the titles of all three tracks are questions?

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John (Hoddan) MacDonald

A: Tarbh Ur An A.I.
B: Cuibhl' An Fhortain
Gaelfonn UKGLB 36017"1 
Minsusera Segamwenge

A: Doris Nkwagaza Dya
B: Mwami Nkolegi
Kagaabe UgandaKG 7 - 0027"2 
James K. Kigongo With E. Kawalya

A: Bana Uganda
B: Mwami Bakulimba
Furaha KenyaPOP 7 - 1427"0 
Africa, Music And Life Of Today Vol. 2

Nongomo Trio

A1: Guga Mzimba
A2: Pimville Train

D. Mzimela

B1: Kashela

The Play Singer

B2: Sadhlopeka

The Globe Trotters [Africa]

C1: Teresa

Walter Theletsane And The Jordan Stars

C2: Lefatse

The Globe Trotters [Africa]

D1: Kiss
D2: Mangwane
Columbia South AfricaSEYJ. 103/4Double Pack2 
Самоцветы (Samotsvyeti)

A1: Горлица (Gorlitsa)
A2: Снежинка (Snyezhinka)
B1: Чарівна-бойківчанка (Tcharivna-Boykivtchanka)
B2: Песня моя, Песня (Pyesnaya Moya, Pyesnaya)
Мелодия USSR33Гд0003485/61973Flexi0 

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ArtistTrackdn784533's Rating
The Dakotas Soundhog EditThe Spider And The Fly9
The Open Mind Soundhog EditMagic Potion10
Conny van den BosIk Ben Gelukkig Zonder Jou9
FlintlockLearn To Cry5
FlintlockI'm Going Home8
OppoThe Flame9
OppoMiracles (A Mini Epic)9
Alasdair GilliesTha'n Carnabhal Seached (The Carnival Is Over)7
Alasdair GilliesGille-Mirein (Puppet On A String)7
The EmbrooksDawn Breaks Through10

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