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12 hours ago
Pete Seeger

A1: 'D' Day Dodgers
A2: Lonesome Traveller
B1: Reuben James
B2: Greensleeves
B3: Shenandoah
The song, in this form, was written by Hamish Henderson. Period!
He was one of the soldiers in the North African / Italian campaign. He WAS an italian campaign combatant! He wrote other songs such as "The Banks Of Sicily" which were lyrics written to a piping tune. He may well have been behind the writing of various verses and he may well have had other people join in the writing of the song, but the song as published in HIS song.

Performances of The Banks O' Sicily are on 45cat.com by Robin & Jimmie, and Rory & Alex McEwen.

12 hours ago
The Emmettones

A: A Scottish Soldier (Green Hills Of Tyrol)
B: MacPherson's Rant
The only two songs the Emmettones released that related to Scotland rather than Ireland. They nicked Andy Stewart's A Scottish Soldier and tried to release it before he did. Unfortunately their fiddler had left for London and so they failed to record it in time.

The last peformance of the Emmettones saw ISB Robin Williamson play fiddle and Archie Fisher play guitar for a one-off concert with original members Hamish Imlach and Josh McRae.

13 hours ago
The Emmettones

A: Men Of The West
B: Johnson's Motor Car
The entire Emmettones repertoire was learned from three Topic albums bought by Hamish's manager Cliff Stanton. These were the Patrick Galvin LP in two parts Here and Here and the LP Easter Week And After by Dominic Behan.

Here you can see that when Galvin did it in the late 1950s it was considered Traditional (air), with lyrics by William Rooney.

But you're right - the B side - Johnson's Motor Car was written by Willie Gillespie as "Johnston's Motor Car". Since he was born in the early 1880s I think he wrote it considerably before the release of this single (possibly 1920s), although he did actually die after its release.

30th Jan 2015
Trevor Lucas

A: Waltzing Matilda
B: It's On
Later (after Sandy's death) he returned to Australia and produced a number of records for other folk bands such as 33 degrees south, Goanna and Redgum. Sadly he then died of cancer. He had a lovely rich voice and this single came from that Overlander LP.

19th Jan 2015

A: Our Song
B: Mama's Coming Home
Very oddly for the UK this appears to have come with a picture cover. Any more info on this anyone? It really wasn't usual to have a picture cover for Big T singles. The T being Transatlantic Records of course.

Both sides of flimsy paper cover are the same...

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Tony Kenny

A: My Son
B: Raglan Road
Lunar IrelandLOON 577"0 
Frank Patterson

A: Farewell My Derry Love
B: Castle Of Dromoore
ST. Records IrelandSPOO17"0 
Maurice Biraud

Une Nouvelle Methode "100 Histoires"

A: Vegetaline Vous Presente Une Methode "100 Histoires"
B: Vegetaline Vous Presente Une Methode "100 Histoires"
Vegetaline FrancePART 55.395 19657"0 
John Sheahan And Michael Howard

A: The Marino Waltz
B: Spanish Point
Lunar IrelandLOON 3119847"0 
Peter Bruce

Sounds Of The Australian Bush

A1: Stone Plover, Crested Pigeon, Spur Winged Plover, Silver Gull
A2: Straw-Necked Ibis, White-Faced Heron, Black Swan
A3: Cape Barren Goose, Emu, Brolga, Whistling Eagle
A4: Plain Turkey, Crimson Rosella
B1: Rainbow Lorikeet, White Cockatoo
B2: Koala, Ring-Tailed Possum, Black Cockatoo, Dingo
B3: Squirrel Glider, Bobook Owl, Masked Owl, Barking Owl
B4: Wombat, Laughing Kookaburra
Score AustraliaPOL 0251961EP0 

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