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Graham S. Allen

DESPERATE TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY OF THE ESCHELONS - LONELY FOOTSTEPS, I cannot trace it anywhere, but i know exists if you have on or know where i can get one PLEASE HELP !

Does anybody remember Oldies Un Ltd.

do they still exist ?
i heard they moved to Leeds but i can't find anything on the web, did they cease trading or change names ?

I COLLECT THE RAK Label (singles) also im very much a record collector i have over 5,000 singles, about 750 albums, 12 x 78's and about 5,000 cd's i will always collect i doubt i will ever find every elusive record on my wish list, if i do i will let you know, anybody offering any sales should be aware im not likely to pay over the odds, although i did pay £30 for a 12" and just recently £15 for a single that i searched for during the last 20 years

these days with space becoming a premium and postage ever increasing, my wife has decreed that if you anything on my wants list if you could supply it in MP3 format instead of hard copy, as my MP3 goes everywhere with me, any music thereon has far more value :O)
and she says we are being over run by vinyl


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Name:Graham S. Allen
Joined:11 May 2012
Country:  Wales
Location:not willing to say
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Graham S. Allen
25th Jan 2016
Hooray And The Henrys

A: All Stuck Up
B: A Chap's Tale
im wondering if anybody knows if the B side contains the lyrics "Hit Me Hit Me Hit Me Where Your Chihuahua Bit Me"

Graham S. Allen
28th Mar 2014
The Rubettes

A: I Can Do It - Juke Box Jive - Foe-De-Oh-Dee
B: Way Back In The 50's - Sugar Baby Love - Tonight - Little Darling
DESPERATE to get this on MP3 PLEASE
Somebody out there must be willing to send me an MP3 version of BOTH sides, i havent heard it since my first wife used it as a frisby and i cannot replace it as i never found it anywhere yet ?

GRAHAM.S.ALLEN@GMAIL.COM if you can help me please........

Graham S. Allen
8th Feb 2014
The Chart

A: The Chart
B: The Chart
i have often wondered if anybody DID crack the code, i couldnt back in 1985 and still cant now, has anybody got it on MP3 by any chance, then i can add it to my MP3 player

Graham S. Allen
12th Jan 2014
Steve Hodson

A: Crystal Bay
B: Sandiego Day
could anybody email me an MP3 version of this please, i would love to hear it, only just found out about it last night when i saw an episode of Follyfoot for the first time in 42 years and looked him up to see what else he did - if you can help its graham.s.allen@googlemail.com

Graham S. Allen
19th Nov 2013
P. T. And The Plimsolls

A: Game, Set And Match
B: Tennis Referee
i need an MP3 version of this can anybody help ?

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Michael Holliday

A: All Of You
B: Its The Good Things We Remember
Columbia UKDB 3973Jul 19577"19.0

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The RubettesWay Back In The 50's - Sugar Baby Love - Tonight - Little Darling6
The RubettesI Can Do It - Juke Box Jive - Foe-De-Oh-Dee9
TrishWe Are Warriors9
P. T. And The PlimsollsGame, Set And Match8
P. T. And The PlimsollsGame Set And Match8
Judge DreadOne Eyed Lodger2
Judge DreadHello Baby9
The Sons Of The Piltdown MenMad Goose9
Mister MurrayI Was A Good Song (I Look At You)1
Mister MurrayI Drink To Your Memory10

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