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Joined:26 May 2010
Country:  Wales
Location:Stuck in the late 60s and early 70s.
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18th Oct 2014
Manfred Mann

A: My Name Is Jack
B: There Is A Man
Jimmy Saveloy?

16th Oct 2014
Kingsize Dick

A: Wapapapa
B: Keinen Cent mehr in der Tasche
Major Hugh Jampton.
(in memory of Spike Milligan)

6th Oct 2014

A: Silver Machine
B: Seven By Seven
So you would think but, as I put in the comment, this is an A-3U pressing.
The EMI label started in 1980 so for at least three years before the re-promotion a number of the 1978 issue must have been pressed on the then new label stock.
This has been such a consistent seller that batches must have been pressed every year hence me pondering the existence of issues on the shortlived 1979 (UK) label.

6th Oct 2014
Blonde On Blonde

A: Castles In The Sky
B: Circles
From memory I think the single version doesn't mention the "Circles" chorus at all. In fact I don't think it even mentions the word.

5th Oct 2014

A: Kings Of Speed
B: Motorhead
Not me, uPay is too rich for my tastes.
Laughs ruefully.

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A: Life Is Killing Me
B: Music Man
Bedlam [UK] UKBLM 00119827"1 
Joan Savage

A: Five Oranges, Four Apples
Columbia UKDB 3929Apr 1957Promo Only 7"5 

A: I Was Made To Love Him (Short Version)
B: I Was Made To Love Him (Long Version)
Arista UKARISTA 156 Jun 1975Promo Only 7"1 
Luddy Samms

A: So Good To Be Here
Unknown UKApr 19757"3 
Reid [Frog]

Rebreg Extract

A1: 500 Fingers On Elbow Placement
B1: Romanian Moisturiser
B2: Red-Shi
Frog UKCROAK 719947"0 

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Wooden HorseWooden Horses9
The Bonzo Dog BandReady-Mades10
Plastic PennyShe Does8
The HerdFrom The Underworld10
The AnswersJust A Fear9

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