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Grew up in the 60s central NY state. Entranced by the British Invasion, although loving other stuff too. Started getting imports from the UK around 1970. Still buying music items, both old and new, although mostly in CD format now. Always been fascinated with numbers and labels, and for years have memorised many catalogue numbers. So this site is sort of like trainspotting for me. My most intense interest, collecting-wise, is Island Records and associated labels (note my screen name and avatar). Really glad to have found this site and I'm happy to help out and contribute when I can, although a brief look shows there are probably very few discs I have that someone else hasn't scanned already. Cheers, all!

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3rd Jan 2014
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Fire
B: Foxey Lady
Oakley Boys...

I notice your number on the back cover in 0571,
AND you have a sealed plastic sleeve with 000086.

I got mine on RSD and I have a back cover number of 2554 (got the ONLY copy delivered to my local store), but I got no sealed plastic sleeve. It's odd/interesting that you had two different numbers. Was there a sticker on the sleeve with Experience Hendrix info or something similar?

I know the guys in my local store and if there had been a sealed sleeve on the one I bought, it would've been there.

Maybe you could give more info or even send in a scan showing what's on the plastic sleeve.
Thanks either way!

OOPS! I see now that you didn't upload this scan -still, maybe you can explain

8th Nov 2013
Simon And Garfunkel

A: Fakin' It
B: You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
As Columbia (at this time) did not use A or B (or 1 or 2) on their side numbers, you can't absolutely say which was supposed to be the A-side, unless someone comes up with a promo label (like the UK version). But since the matrix number for "Fakin' It" is lower that that of "You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies", it certainly looks like "Fakin' It" was meant as the A-side.

The "time" on "Fakin' It" is great! 2:74 would be 3:14 (the time on the most recent CD release is listed as 3:17).
Wonder if they ever corrected that?

20th Dec 2010
13th Floor Elevators

A1: She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)

The Red Crayola

A2: Pink Stainless Tail

The Golden Dawn [USA]

B1: Starvation

Lost And Found

B2: There Would Be No Doubt
'SAM' was a prefix that WEA (who distributed Radar) used for promos or other singles (like the bonus disc from "This Year's Model") that didn't exist in regular single form (I assume it stood for 'SAMple'), this is almost certainly promo only.

As for the orange background, it may be because of International Artists (or not). I would say not because although the first 13th Floor Elevators single had a (partially) orange label, subsequent singles labels were blue, yellow & green, white, and the LP labels were mostly yellow, but not orange.

13th Dec 2010
Rod Stewart

A: Angel
B: What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)
I may be able to provide the answer as to the 1-49--- and 2-49--- difference. Like many US labels at the time, Mercury was just starting to release singles in stereo. Singles starting with 1- were mono, with 2- stereo. You can see evidence of this at...


In addition, I'm certain that PR in the run-off groove stands for Presswell, a presser that used to be independent (later bought by WEA). I have also seen at...


...the labels for the US "Angel" (73344), with the same side number (2-49571) as 6052.198. The listings on this page also mention matrix numbers, and for "Angel" it is 2-49571-CP-6-MS. The CP here would refer to the Columbia Pitman (NJ) pressing plant.

Of course this doesn't solve the 6052.198 mystery...

11th Dec 2010
Elvis Costello And The Attractions With The Royal Guard Horns

A: Party Party

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

B: Imperial Bedroom
This single is a strange release. It was released on A&M because they had the rights to the soundtrack for the film "Party Party", and therefore released EC's title song as a single.

"Imperial Bedroom" (which is NOT on the album of the same name) is a much better song, which does NOT feature The Royal Guard Horns as the single label states - there are no horns on it at all. That was likely an A&M mistake. It had first been released as a B side to the 12" single of "Man Out Of Time" on F-Beat XX 28T.

Also, even though the single states that A&M Records Ltd. are the rights holder, both tracks were owned by Riviera Global Record Prods Ltd. and just licenced to A&M (Jake Riviera would never let EC's tracks go that easily).

And in addition, A&M released a promo set of five singles (PARTY 1-5), and the song "Party Party" is supposedly on PARTY 5. The soundtrack album had 13 tracks on it, and it is possible that all 13 tracks are somehow on the 10 sides of the singles, but I can't find any more details...

Ever try Googling "Party Party" - even in quotes? Yow!

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