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21st Jan 2014
The Shadows

A: Don't Cry For Me Argentina
B: Montezuma's Revenge
His name is George Ford, and he played bass for a lot of 70s acts. He was the brother of 60s artist Emile Ford, who had a few hits in the early sixties

15th Oct 2013

A: Rebel Rebel
B: Queen Bitch
A few of the comments on here mention the strange big hole centre of singles on RCA, I agree that these looked horrible. But it may have been to do with the vinyl shortage (Which had already been mentioned) I Thought they were terrible looking. (Even worst than the plasticrap records)
but RCA always gets the bad comments, Because Polydor did the same thing . I was glad this didn't last coz i reallt rhought that was the way records were going after 1974. just like after the first time I saw a plasticrap record. I hated these with a passion

8th Oct 2013
The Kinks

A: Shangrila
B: This Man He Weeps Tonight
Just been listening to this. Is brilliant, what was it about the Kinks in the late 60s, that the Kinks records didn't sell. This should have been Top 10

8th Oct 2013

A: Everything I Own
B: I Don't Love You
I Love this song. But my biggest problem is the Boy George version. I actually think that version isn't THAT bad, but his inclusion of the extra line "YOU TOLD ME ALL THOSE LIES'. which wasn't in the Bread version, annoys me. Because he obviously didn't know what the song was really about. Dave Gates wrote the song about the death of his Father. Hence "I Would Give Everything I Own To Have You Back Again'. This means, Boy George's, Addition of that line means the original emotional meaning of the song is lost. Not even Ken Boothe's '74 hit version changes the lyrics, and that had always annoyes me about Boy George's version.

8th Oct 2013
Cilla Black

A: Conversations
B: Liverpool Lullaby
Just read in the paper that Cilla will perform 'Liverpool Lullaby' on a TV 70th birthday special this coming Wednesday. It got me thinking it would be good if this would finally get this great song into the charts on downloads. I know a lot of people make fun out of Cilla's singing, but this would
put a song into the charts that should have been a single in it's own right anyway.I don't know how to start an 'Internet Campaign' to get a record into the chart, but if anyone out there agrees with me maybe they could do it. I know it doesn't have a hell's chance of making the Top 40, but a lower entry would be something. Just like this week when 'Badfinger's song "Baby Blue' has made Number 73. Although i have no idea why.

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