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Strange esoteric record collection.

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10th Oct 2014
Piero Umiliani

A: Mah-Na, Mah-Na
B: You Tried To Warn Me

Have another

[YouTube Video]

The BIG three for me are Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani and Ennio Morricone. I just got my paws on a copy of Morricone's 1963 album Musica Sul Velluto (lovely little Charidee Shoppe find in Dalkeith!) which is about as far from Spaghetti Westerns as you can imagine, wordless vocal flights, jazz guitars, lush orchestration, sparse piano pieces. Not a Django in sight at that point!
These three composers are a never ending voyage of discovery for me. I couldn't place one above another. The sheer quantity of their output in the 60's and 70's is breathtaking and the range in say Umiliani's work from Mah-Na Mah-Na to this Spaghetti Western Theme is well... wide ranging...

[YouTube Video]

And yup that is the lovely Lydia MacDonald singing there. All three used the Edinburgh born singer extensively on their studio recordings in the 1960's and early 70's. Piccioni in particular loved her voice and Cherry Red has just released Mafiosi which also includes the rather rare 1962 LP of Jazz songs Piccioni recorded with Lydia as a much appreciated extra.

Oh yeah and the "Svezia, inferno e paradiso" (Sweden, Hell or Heaven) is a very soft core "documentary" made for Italian Cinema which looked at the progressive society in 1960's Sweden (Lesbian Night Clubs, Group Saunas, Biker Bars etc) from very afar in a very Catholic Italy with a tongue very firmly in its cheek! Here is a wee section of Mah-Na Mah-Na with a bunch of blonde curvy Swedish "Lesbians" having a sauna together.

[YouTube Video]

Italian Soundtracks - a world of delight. And that's before I start on about Mr Dante Fontana!!

8th Oct 2014
Piero Umiliani

A: Mah-Na, Mah-Na
B: You Tried To Warn Me
There was an album version and a single version of the A side track. The single version runs for about 15 seconds longer. There is also an American album version which runs for 10 seconds longer than the single version.The vocalists on the A Side are Sandro Alessandroni, Edda Dell' Orso and Giulia Alessandroni. The B-Side "You Tried To Warn Me" is sung by Edinburgh born Lydia MacDonald.

The OST album "Svezia, Inferno E Paradiso" is a real stunner. I have it and another of Umiliani's soundtrack albums called "Orgasmo" (yeah... go figure the translation...) which is superb and holds up well alongside Piccioni's "Fumo De Londre" as totally classic groovy Mondo Italiano Sexploitation Soundtracks. Utterly bonkers at points, steamy vocals, sublime moments, lush gushing soundtracks, funky organs and drum breaks... it is another world... I dipped my toe in a while back and I will never recover.

18th Sep 2014
Steely Dan

A: Hey Nineteen
B: Bodhisattva
The B-side was mastered direct from a cassette recorded from the soundboard at their 4th July 1974 performance at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. It came from the massive collection of live tapes recorded over the years by their sound engineer Dinky Dawson.

17th Sep 2014

A: Mississippi Queen
B: The Laird
Is the B-Side a Radiohead cover? I think we should be told...

11th Sep 2014

A: The Tide Is High
B: Heart Of Glass
@RecordDragon... I had the original UK Parallel Lines and UK 7" versions. Later in the late 80's I found myself in possession of a Blondie hits compilation which had a version of HOG with some strangely played and heavily effected guitar on the intro. I remember the credits said it was Robert Fripp "playing" on that version. It was different to the others I had heard.

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Lydia MacDonald

Il Mondo Di Notte

A: Good Old London Town
B: Rock Away
RCA Italiana Italy45N 104719597"0 
Gene Marshall

A: We Want Dick And Spiro, We Want Dick And Spiro, We Want Dick And Spiro
B: We Want Dick, We Want Dick, We Want Dick
Preview USA21427"0 
Anne And Laura Brand

Songs Of The Fisher Folk

A1: Trawler Song
A2: Crones Creel
B1: Fetlar Lullaby
B2: Partans In His Creel
Waverley UKELP 1331964EP1 
Anne And Laura Brand

Brand Image

A1: Scottish Waltz Selection (Come To Scalpay, Come O'er The Stream Charlie, Highland Cradle Song, My Ain Hoose, Westering Home)
A2: Oor Ain Fireside
B1: Shira Glen
B2: Sailing Home Set (Lewis Boat Song, Over The Ferry)
Waverley UKELP 1181963EP1 
Lydia MacDonald With Ted Heath And His Music

Will Ye No Come Back Again. No. 1

A1: Will Ye No Come Back Again
A2: Skye Boat Song
B1: The Bluebells Of Scotland
B2: Comin' Thru The Rye
Decca UKDFE.65151958EP210.0

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The FallContainer Drivers10
The FallWings10
Lydia MacDonald With Ted Heath And His MusicThe Bluebells Of Scotland8
Lydia MacDonald With Ted Heath And His MusicSkye Boat Song8
Lydia MacDonald With Ted Heath And His MusicWill Ye No Come Back Again8
Lydia MacDonald With Ted Heath And His MusicComin' Thru The Rye10
Georges DelerueThe Interlude Triangle10
Robert EarlThe Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Gigolo And Gigolette)8
Georges DelerueInterlude - Instrumental10
Timi YuroInterlude10

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