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29th Mar 2016
Gene Young

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: Mary Jo
"Mary Jo" sounds like a fuzzed-out Velvets attempting to cover "My Coo Ca Choo". Also maybe shades of the Stavely Makepeace "Scrap Iron" sound. A winner anyway.

15th Mar 2016
Jimmy Oakley

A: Little Girl
B: Kentucky Woman
"Psych Mod Freakbeat" probably pushing it a bit but it's actually a (MUCH tamer but still enjoyable) cover of the Dick Wagner & The Frosts classic (minus the shredding guitars unfortunately). US copies on DJM much easier to turn up than the domestic Philips issue.

19th Feb 2016

A: Guardian In The Sky
B: Heading For The Grave
This is an odd Glam/Pop/Psych hybrid - a bit of phasing, shades of mid-70s Mott and (especially) nods to Bowie with a shameless "borrowing" of the "Ziggy Stardust" riff and mentions in the lyric of "Stardust", "Mars" and "Sleepyheads". B side is an equally good vaguely psych-ish track.

19th Feb 2016
Mandy More

A: Come With Me To Jesus
B: Alone In My Yellow
This 45 does indeed exist! I provided the info which is taken directly from the disc. Will attempt to upload label scans at some point in the future...

14th Nov 2010
Ivor Bird

A: Over The Wall We Go
B: Beauty Queen
This is a (slightly amended) reissue of the Oscar track from 1967 and was indeed Paul Nicholas using yet another pseudonym.

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Michael Blount

A: Ryba Jyba
B: Acorn Street
CBS UKS 524830 Oct 19707"0 
Mandy More

A: Come With Me To Jesus
B: Alone In My Yellow
Philips UK6006 19919727"39.0

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