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mickey rat
Boring old fart. Cross the road if you see me coming. (Actually you're safe as long as you don't get me talking about records!)

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Name:mickey rat
Joined:31 Jan 2012
Country:  Australia
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mickey rat
13 hours ago
Johnny Ross And The Soul Explosions

A: I Can't Help Myself
B: Sore Loser
I'm curious about the rubberstamp. Is this saxophonist J.C. Davis (ex James Brown, Etta James etc), and if so was Chirrup his label?

mickey rat
1st Jun 2015
Howlin' Wolf

A1: Come To Me, Baby
A2: Don't Mess With My Baby
B1: Smokestack Lightning
B2: You Can't Be Beat
Wow! Nice one Bill. Wanna tell us where you found it?

mickey rat
1st Jun 2015
Max Bygraves With Peter Brough And Archie Andrews

A: Lovely Dollar Lolly

Max Bygraves

B: The Red Robin Cantata
The radio show was called Educating Archie and I listened to it every week in New Zealand as a kid. I had no idea at the time that Archie Andrews was a wooden doll and Peter Brough was doing his voice. Bizarre really. All I actually remember is we'd all wait for Max Bygraves to say "A good idea, son". Simple pleasures. I guess I was just marking time, waiting for Little Richard to show up and change my life forever.

mickey rat
1st Jun 2015
The Creschendos

A: My Heart's Desire
B: Take My Heart
Both songs copyrighted by Gation Music with composer George Banks on Oct. 31 1960. Music City (and probably Gation Pub. Co.) was owned by Ray Dobard in Berkeley, CA. Both businesses operated out of 1815 Alcatraz Avenue. Music City was active for about twenty years, from 1954 until the mid '70s. George Goldner picked this one up for national distribution on his Gone label.

mickey rat
1st Jun 2015
The Arabians

A: Crazy Little Fever
B: My Heart Beats Over And Over Again
Both songs originally copyrighted by the group members (confirmation of DeadWax's line-up) and (arranger?) Clete Moore without benefit of a publisher. Not sure if they were going to call themselves "The Arabins" or whether there were typos in their copyright submission. Arnold Grant aka "Doc" Grant and Bennie becomes "Benny" on second entry. Anyway grist for the mill and I've entered release date as 1960 which is probably right.

Franklin, Arnold & Bennie Grant, Doug-
Las Brown & Timothy Leyber, m Clete
Moore. © Franklin, Arnold & Bennie Grant, Douglas Brown, Timothy Leyber &
Clete Moore; 13Jan60; EU608726.

The Arabians (The Arabins): Franklin,
Arnold & Bennie Grant, Douglas Brown
& Timothy Leyber, m Clete Moore.
© Frank, Benny & Doc Grant, Douglas
Brown, Clete Moore & Timothy Leyber;
13Jan60; EU608725.

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Tatsuhiko Yamamoto

A: Say Good-Bye, My Girl
B: Missing Love
EMI AustraliaEMI-1445Apr 19857"0 

A: One Better Day
B: Guns
Stiff AustraliaK-9438Jul 19847"0 

A: Shut Up
B: A Town With No Name
Stiff AustraliaK-8506Nov 19817"0 
Australian Crawl

A: Daughters Of The Northern Coast
B: King Sap (And Princess Sag)
EMI AustraliaEMI-805Aug 19827"0 
Otis Redding

A: Try A Little Tenderness
B: I'm Sick Y'All
Atlantic AustraliaAK-162719677"0 

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