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9th Jun 2014
Harold Burrage

A: Got To Find A Way
B: How You Fix Your Mouth (To Say What You Say)
Note misregistration of red plate on A-side label art.

12th Sep 2013
Alan Caddy Orchestra And Singers

A1: Witch Queen Of New Orleans
A2: Freedom Come, Freedom Go
A3: Sultana
B1: Surrender
B2: Coz I Luv You
B3: Yo Yo
> Has anyone noticed theres always ONE track on
> Avenue 6-track EP's that wasn't a "Top Hit" at all??!!

In order to have their records in the racks at the right time, soundalikes producers had to anticipate which brand-new releases were most likely to make it up the charts. Not being clairvoyant, sometimes they simply got it wrong.

16th Jul 2013
Jane Morgan

A: A Girl Named Johnny Cash
B: Charley
Note the songwriting collab. on "Charley" between Dusty Springfield's brother, Tom Springfield, and her close friend, Norma Tanega.

3rd Jun 2013
Jack Larson

A: Back To School Blues
B: The Lonely Part Of Town
The actor Jack Larson ("Jimmy Olsen") was not the same person as the Fraternity recording artist of the same name.

21st Jan 2013
The Jet Streams

A: Hey! Phoebe, Get Off The Phone!
B: Who, Me?
A-side wr. Al Frisch & Milton Drake

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The Vikings [Reggae]

A: Hallelujah !
B: Helpin' Ages
Island UKWI 06519637"0 

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