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8th May 2015
The Revengers

A: The Batman Theme
B: Back Side Blues
The ad, showing the name Avengers rather than Revengers, is from Feb. 5 '66 Billboard. It's hard to see at this size, but it indicates (in lower right corner) the involvement of Jack Lewis, Monte Kay and Charlie Calello, so it is clearly in reference to this release.

It would appear, then, that the name change was done at the last minute. The German version, however, maintains the original.

8th May 2015
Hy Tyde

A: Ninety-Nine Years
B: Hush Your Mouth
* Amazing section in the lawsuit Web page in which the judge offers his definition of "What is Mojo?"! (For a less official but probably more accurate answer to the question, see my recording of an offstage Screamin' Jay Hawkins at Probe.)

* For a first-person take on Ruth Stratchborneo, see Gary Myers's account at Top Shelf Oldies . For a photo, see my Fine Print Heroes site.

* Given all the clues here, my guess is that the singer hiding behind the psudonyms "Hy Tyde" and "The Mojo Kid" on the only two releases listed here for the GetIt label was Preston Foster himself.

23rd Apr 2015
Barry McGuire

A: Eve Of Destruction

Barry Mann

B: Who Put The Bomb
Mis-titling "Who Put The Bomp" as "Who Put The Bomb" for this pairing with "Eve Of Destruction" is either a:

a. bizarre coincidence,
b. Freudian slip, or
c. typesetter's prank

23rd Mar 2015

A: Bleecker Street
B: Benedictus
Numbering sequence and (apparently) promo date-stamp show this as a 1972 release, yet label art shows 1968. Could the solution be that it was recorded in '68, but not released until '72? Or perhaps the earlier date reflects an original (yet more obscure) release (not necessarily in UK)?

20th Mar 2015

A: So Young
B: Larry L.
Added open-letter advert from Phil Spector, from Billboard of May 9 '64, apologizing with uncharacteristic humility for having to withdraw this release "because of serious legal complications".

Does anyone know what the problem was that he refers to, and whether if, as he suggests in his closing, the record was indeed later reissued?

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Frank Slay And His Orchestra

A: East Of Istanbul (Urska Dara)
B: The Bull Fight
SCA USA45-18002-V7"1 
The Invaders [New York]

A: Mr. Guitar
B: Shock Treatment
20th Century-Fox USA46919647"0 
The Vikings [Reggae]

A: Hallelujah !
B: Helpin' Ages
Island UKWI 06519637"0 

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