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28th Apr 2014
George And Louis

A: The Return Of Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping Piano

B: Lewis Boogie
klepsie: and she was a child bride, going by her tv interviews of the time; but he was pretty much a teenage bridegroom, judged by his attitudes, interests, opinions and general (off-stage) behaviour - if an extremely large one. and they'd done no-one any harm, obviously were deeply "in love" with, and cared for, each other - and her marrying him (& v-v) was not illegal in their place & time. what they - the merkin authorities - "did" him for was transportation of a minor across state (iirc) lines for immoral purposes - which hardly fit the reality.

23rd Apr 2014
Grateful Dead

A: Alabama Getaway
B: Shakedown Street
recorddragon: but is it in stereo?

23rd Apr 2014
The Move

A: I Can Hear The Grass Grow
B: Night Of Fear
reissue of their first two .de a-sides, from dm109"night of fear" & dm117 "i can hear the grass grow", both 1967.

23rd Apr 2014
Peter Sarstedt

A: Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)
B: Morning Mountain
doormanperdomo: addered lynx

(on seeing clip from totp: they don't sculpt hair-dos & moustaches like that any more, not these days, they don't...)

16th Apr 2014

A: Paper Sun
B: Giving To You
wurzelsepp: don't bet on it; it could be the version from the US album (on United Artists).
The US album was sliced, diced and horribly mutilated from the UK original, and added some singles, and dropped some tracks. Bits of the full-length "Paper Sun" track cut earlier were then faded in & out again - the longest such being entitled "we're a fade, you missed this". Some creative genius at UA evidently decided he was a psychedelic genius in post-production techniques - or something.

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Muriel Young

A Child's Garden Of Verses

A1: Animals And Birds: The Cow - Time To Rise - Looking-glass War
A2: Let's Pretend: Pirate Story - A Good Play - Foreign Lands - Marching Song - The Little Land
B1: Old-fashioned Children: North-west Passage - Whole Duty Of Children - Good And Bad Children - Looking Forward - My Shadow - The Lamplighter
Delys√© UKDEL1751966EP2 
Giorgos Zampetas

A: La Dance De Zorba
B: Fantasia No. 1
Philips Greece60897"1 
The Robbs

A: Last Of The Wine
B: Written In The Dust
Dunhill USAD-4233Mar 19707"010.0
Peaches And Herb

A: When He Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)
B: Thank You
Direction UK58-4085Mar 19697"0 
The Guise

A: Mornin' Mornin'
B: Waitin' Round The Corner
Atco USA45-6686Jun 19697"19.0

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ArtistTrackppint.'s Rating
The MoveI Can Hear The Grass Grow8
The MoveI Can Hear The Grass Grow8
The MoveNight Of Fear10
Peter SarstedtWhere Do You Go To (My Lovely)9
Peter SarstedtWhere Do You Go To (My Lovely)9
Alison MoyetThat Ole Devil Called Love10
Santo And JohnnySleep Walk9
The TurtlesElenore8
Nancy SinatraFriday's Child10
Nancy SinatraFriday's Child10

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