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13th Jun 2014
Phil Ochs

A: Miranda
B: Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends
Is the 26 Jan 1968 release date taken from the stamp on the B-side label? How can the accuracy of the stamp as release date be verified? My copy is stamped 2 Feb 1968... Note the copyright year as 1967 on the labels

12th Jul 2011
Phil Ochs

A: I Ain't Marching Anymore
B: That Was The President
and and here it is!

11th Jul 2011
Phil Ochs

A: I Ain't Marching Anymore
B: That Was The President
I have the US flexi where this song appears (it's actually a compilation with several other artists) but it's attached in the original 1966 issue of Sing Out! that it came in, I'll try make an attempt to scan it without removing it.

11th Jul 2011
The Byrds

A: Mr. Tambourine Man
B: All I Really Want To Do
done! 4-33095

11th Jul 2011
Black Flag

A1: Nervous Breakdown
B1: Fix Me
B2: I've Had It
B3: Wasted
There's more recent pressings (somewhere around 2005) with the blue cover. I can't recall the label but when I get home tonight I'll scan and upload.

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Sing Out! 15th Anniversary Issue

Phil Ochs

A1: I Ain't Marching Anymore

Judy Collins

A2: Thirsty Boots

Jesse Fuller

A3: Take It Slow And Easy

Dick And Mimi Farina

A4: Pack Up Your Sorrows

Frank Proffitt

A5: Bo Lamkin

Joan Baez And Donovan

A6: Colours

Mary Pinckney, Janie And Yvonne Hunter

B1: Been In The Storm, Row, Michael, Row, Shoot Turkey, Shoot

Old Harp Singers

B2: Northfield, Wondrous Love
Sing Out! USA16-11966Flexi0 

Welcome To Reality

A1: Welcome To Reality
A2: Losing Battle
B1: Things Start Moving
Frontier USAFRT 101Aug 19817"0 
Against Me!

The Acoustic EP

A1: Jordan's 1st Choice
A2: Those Anarcho Punx Are Mysterious
B1: Reinventing Axl Rose
B2: We Did It All For Don
Sabot USAACT00220017"0 

He Had It Comin'

A1: Dumb N Dumbshit
A2: Death Spare Not The Tiger
A3: Anti-Christ Demon Core
A4: Turtle Power
B1: Jack Trippin'
B2: Wookies Have Feelings Too
B3: Sexual Fantasies With Biblical Figures
B4: We Kill Christians
Dood USADOOD 32005EP0 
Bastard Noise And Guilty Connector

Decimation Cycle

A: In The Face Of So Vast A Threat
B: Decimation Cycle
Utsu JapanUT-2120027"0 

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