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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Or when I am not angry.

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8th Jun 2010
Rory Storm And The Hurricanes

A: America
B: Since You Broke My Heart
Did ye know that Ron "Dickho" Dixon, of Brookie fame, was a member of the Hurricanes? Did ye also know that "Ron "Dickho" Dixon" wasn't actually his real name? In fact he is Vincent "Vince" ("Mark") Earl, and was a Merseybeat stalwart of his own (the Vince Earl Talismen/ the Vince Earl Attraction) and other (the Zeros) Scouse bands of the era. (True.) (I don't think he was on this single, however, though I may be wrong.)
What's more, did ye further know that Harry Cross was in seminal prog outfit the Seminal Cape? (Bollocks.)

22nd May 2010
The Byrds

A: So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
B: Everybody's Been Burned
Everybody's Been Burned has, it seems, achieved a mighty "rating" of 6.5. I assume, therefore, that the maximum possible "rating" is 6.5. But hold on a second! So You Have Deluded Self Indulgent Paroxyms In Which You Posit Yourself As A Rock "n" Roll Nob-End has achieved a "rating" of 8.0. What in the wide world of "rating" is going on?
This, I fear, points to a wider truth; reaction to art is not just highly, but purely subjective. Your granny's feeling that sectarian chants beat anything the Beatles ever did carries as much weight as some Beardy Weirdy's theorising on the meta-meaning of Earth 2. (And I "seen" your granny giving some beardy a kicking down the terraces on Saturday.)
For me, and despite what your disgusting granny may say, both sides of this splendid single represent further ammunition in the war against tiresome Nao-ists. What's more, if anyone on the Politbureau of this site can ever show me how the bass stylings of Chris Hillman were achieved on Everybodys Been Burned, then I'll shoot myself in the cock.

6th Sep 2009
Brute Force

A: King Of Fuh
B: Nobody Knows
There is an interview with John, done at his house in 1968, where he mentions Fuh King, and extolls the virtues thereof. (At least I think it's the record he's talking about).

17th Jun 2009
Plastic Ono Band

A: Cold Turkey
B: Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For A Hand In The Snow)
One day in 1969 Lennono San announced to his then-still-fellow-Fabs that the next Beatles' single was in the bag, and played them Cold Turkey. The response was slack-jawed and drooling, and not in a positive sense. Another nail in the collective coffin, rather than recording it to keep the peace and thereafter relegating it to a b-side, the others told John flatly that it was 109% unsuitable to grace anything with the Beatles' name on it, let alone form the a-side of their next granny'n'tot pleasing toe tapper (and I speak as a fan of etc etc). So John took it off and did the Plastic Ono thing on it - and mighty fine it turned out too. PLAY LOUD indeed. Some teuchter trivia - this is the only Beatles' related single (and, quite possibly, the only single of any kind) to have its picture sleeve taken in Golspie. The x-rays were captured, following the Ono-Lennons' Highland car crash, by the doctors at Lawson Memorial Hospital in that very place. Och!

8th Jun 2009
Lou Christie

A: Lightnin' Strikes
B: Cryin' In The Streets
Hmmm...that plinky-plonk piano following the verse. This single, after a promising start frug-fans, seems to be taking a distinct turn for the worse - but then explodes - a killer chorus sung in a silly voice which is perfik. For sure, the whole thing shambles along to an extent - the drums almost fuck up near the end, and it sounds like it took about 2 and a half minutes to record. But it is a truly great single, the kind you would play ten times in a row, if only you had a copy of it, or a record player. It shorley ish gitchy aaaawlright...

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