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29th Aug 2014
Shari Lewis And Lambchop

A: Some Things For Xmas, A Snake, Some Mice, Some Glue And A Hole Too

Shari Lewis

B: Mr. Santa
Pretty freaky looking hand puppet - it would scare the bejeezus out of kids if it was on TV these days - plus, what the hell is it going to do with those Christmas presents?....I reckon it wants to drop the mice through a hole after it has glued the snakes mouth closed!!! Evil puppet :-O

23rd Jul 2014

A: Trees
B: One Big Repeat
Added sleeve and label images

11th Jul 2014
Edison Lighthouse

A: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
B: Every Lonely Day
I do like the old Bell label, with its silver and light blue design, the scans never quite do it justice

8th Jul 2014
The Spotnicks

A: Moon Shot
B: Ol' Man River
Added picture sleeve images, front and rear sleeve identical apart from a small 'Made In Germany' text on rear.

23rd Jun 2014
Tir Na Nog

A1: I Have Known Love
A2: You In Yellow
B1: The Angelus
B2: I Pick Up Birds At Funerals
Another great release from the Fruits De Mer label. The title track is a gorgeous cover of the 1969 Silver Apples song.
Here is a little taster of The Angelus and the official video for You In Yellow

[YouTube Video]

[YouTube Video]

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A: Sista Brevet Från Ederstorp (Signed T.P.)
B: L'esprit De L'escaliere
Regal Crabomophone UKWINKLE 16Jun 2014Bonus 7"0 
Tir Na Nog

I Have Known Love

A1: I Have Known Love
A2: You In Yellow
B1: The Angelus
B2: I Pick Up Birds At Funerals
Fruits De Mer UKCRUSTACEAN 49Jun 2014EP1 
Sharon Benson

A: In Your Eyes
B: In Your Eyes (Instrumental)
Starlite [80s] UKGLO 119847"1 
Pierre Perret

A1: Les Voyages Organisès
A2: Quand Le Soleil Entre Dans Ma Maison
B1: Vive Le XV
B2: La Distraite
Adèle FranceAD 1031EP0 
Les Elgart

A: The Nearness Of You
B: Out Of Nowhere
Gold Mor USAGM 00002Oct 19737"0 

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King CreosoteFaux Call10
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King CreosoteYou Are Could I8
King CreosoteNot One Bit Ashamed (Modlang Mix)10
King Creosote67810
King Creosote And Jon HopkinsThird Swan10
Dusty SpringfieldI Only Want To Be With You10

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