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Name:sunny boy
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sunny boy
5th Mar 2014
T. Rex

A: Ride A White Swan (BBC TV, Top Of The Pops: 12th November 1970)
B: Summertime Blues (BBC Radio One, Dave Lee Travis Show 9th December 1970)
Re telegramsam ,My copy of this looks alright , but my copy of " By the Light of a Magical Moon " has a few scuff marks on the vinyl , I'm sure it can't be the inner glossy white sleeve they come with but several of my recent singles that have that white inner sleeve have had scuff marks since new .

sunny boy
14th Jul 2012
T. Rex

A1: Hot Love
B1: Raw Ramp
B2: Lean Woman Blues
The release date shown here is November 1977 , but i remember buying this as a new release in March 1978 , and on the back of the sleeve below the PYE logo ( might need a magnifing glass ) it says 1978 Pye records ltd .

sunny boy
9th Jul 2012
T. Rex

A: Laser Love
B: Life's An Elevator
Does anyone remember buying T.rex singles at the time of release and getting them with the T.rex sleeve all the way up to "The Soul of my Suit" , or was there a cut off point from which they were then just plain white sleeves .
I remember going into my local Folkestone record shop and from about 74-75 they were white sleeves but he swaped the sleeve for a T.rex sleeve , then about 75-76 they run out of T.rex sleeves , i guess he was swaping them for unsold earlier singles , so i found my T.rex sleeves elsewhere .
Also on the back of a T.rex sleeve it says E.M.I. Records ( The Gramophone Company Ltd )
and EMI stopped using "Gramophone Company" in 73 and were just "EMI Records" from 74 .
I have never seen a T.rex sleeve without the "Gramophone" wording .

sunny boy
7th Jul 2012

A: Look Wot You Dun
B: Candidate
I know that UK pressed plastic polydor labels are later pressings ,and from "Get Down And Get With It" to "Cum On Feel The Noize" they were paper labels , but did the paper labels with Large centre hole ( with spider adapter ) or 4 prong push out centre or solid centre have the earliest pressing or did these all come out at day of release ?

sunny boy
16th Feb 2012

A: The Whole World's Going Crazy

Mike Hugg

B: Bonnie Charlie
Does anyone know if this flexidisc or any of the other Slade flexidiscs apart from Far Far Away came with a sleeve or not , were they just taped to the mag .

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