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Name:sunny boy
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sunny boy
2nd Nov 2015

A: Know Who You Are
B: Dapple Rose
A copy in apparently n' mint condition was sold today on ebay for £286.99 .

sunny boy
16th Dec 2014
The Who

A: Be Lucky
The first thing I did when I bought this single was to store the PVC sleeve separately from the vinyl ..... ... if you don't the PVC sleeve will react with the black vinyl and over time it will start to look bad .

sunny boy
15th Dec 2014

A: Keep Yourself Alive
B: Stone Cold Crazy
Has anyone who owns this record checked the condition of the vinyl recently ? ,
only if kept in the thick PVC sleeve the look of the pink vinyl might now look all discoloured
and blotchy .

sunny boy
5th Mar 2014
T. Rex

A: Ride A White Swan (BBC TV, Top Of The Pops: 12th November 1970)
B: Summertime Blues (BBC Radio One, Dave Lee Travis Show 9th December 1970)
Re telegramsam ,My copy of this looks alright , but my copy of " By the Light of a Magical Moon " has a few scuff marks on the vinyl , I'm sure it can't be the inner glossy white sleeve they come with but several of my recent singles that have that white inner sleeve have had scuff marks since new .

sunny boy
14th Jul 2012
T. Rex

A1: Hot Love
B1: Raw Ramp
B2: Lean Woman Blues
The release date shown here is November 1977 , but i remember buying this as a new release in March 1978 , and on the back of the sleeve below the PYE logo ( might need a magnifing glass ) it says 1978 Pye records ltd .

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