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31st Mar 2012

A: When The Swallows Fly
B: Noticeingly By
Has anyone heard this 45 or do you have it? Nimbo has a Dodgers connection and I like both sides of their other 45 (and they are available on CD).

31st Mar 2012

A: Maisie Jones
B: Forget Her
Both sides are quite good. Searched them out due to my interest in the Dodgers and I'm glad I did.

31st Mar 2012
The Rockits

A: Livin' Without You
B: Love My Love
I like the Dodgers and have a rip of the A-side of the other Rockits 45. Are either of these tracks very good?

31st Mar 2012
The Rockits

A: Gimme True Love
B: I'm Losing You
Found a rip of the A-side online and it's a good song. Both the Rockits and Nimbo have tie-ins to THE DODGERS (Badfinger-related group). Would love to have rips of the B-Side and their other 45.

6th Oct 2011
The Applejacks [UK]

A: You've Been Cheatin'
B: Love Was In My Eyes
My humble apologies for not A/B'ing first before piping in. Now that I listen again maybe I was too hasty. I think they sound about the same and hedgehopperray's B-side (the side I was more interested in) doesn't have the noticeable pop that De-Click software could not fix. I had to manually take it out...too big. That poster was nice enough to send me the separate audio files.

I won't trust my memory next time. The A-Side is probably even a bit less distorted/cleaner sounding on yours! Thanks again. Should have made sure before posting!!!!

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