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I loved rock'n'roll from the moment I heard Gene Vincent and Frankie Lymon in the summer of 1956. Like most of us I've lost nearly all my records I bought as a teenager (including all the Chuck Berry's) but somehow - God knows how - I've kept the rare LaVernBaker Rock'n'Roll LP on London.
I have retired now, but for over 35 years I played (tenor sax) in various r'n'r and r'n'b bands (semi-pro). The best moment was as support act to Little Richard at Torquay in 2005. I interviewed Gene Vincent (we spoke for 20 minutes) for a student newspaper in 1963. I have been to many, many r'n'r, r'n'b and jazz gigs but by far the best was in The Johnny Otis show in London in 1972.
In the late summer of 1976 I was travelling around USA via Greyhound bus. One late afternoon at the end of August I ended up in San Antonio, Texas. I saw hundreds and hundreds of people making their way to a large auditorium. I followed along and outside I was offered a black market ticket (over the odds) for $12. I bought it and went inside - and that's how I saw Elvis live!

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23rd May 2016
Johnny Olenn And His Band

A: I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
B: My Idea Of Love
Bloody amateurs! There's always some bas**** who, for a few months, buys up everything in sight on Ebay and then is never seen again. It's just my luck to get one now. I really pushed the boat out on this one. I went £125 - but STILL outbid - and there's another week to go.
I've never gone as high as this before. but, as a poor man, I can't go anymore. These bloody amateurs should be banned!

22nd May 2016
Betty Johnson

A: Hoopa Hoola
B: One More Time
I'm digging this more and more. It's gone to the TOP of my wants list.

21st May 2016
The American Poets

A: She Blew A Good Thing
B: Out To Lunch
It's not too bad. Must be scarce, though, to go for that price.Can you call this Northern Soul? Is that why it's so costly?

19th May 2016
Alice Wonder Land

A: He's Mine
B: Cha Linde
Actually, it's not too bad.

19th May 2016
Don Covay And The Goodtimers

A: Pony Time
B: Love Boat
Love Boat is the kind of instrumental I Like: simple blues changes, a rusty ol' tenor sax. and a danceable beat. Primitive, yes, bit groovy.

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The Moonglows

A: I Knew From The Start
London UKMSP. 15291957Promo Only 7"09.5

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Johnny Olenn And His BandI Ain't Gonna Cry No More10
Johnny Olenn And His BandMy Idea Of Love9
Don Covay And The GoodtimersPony Time10
Betty MillerJack O'Diamonds7
Betty Miller(It Took) One Kiss8
Bill Black's ComboSo What7
Bill Black's ComboBlues For The Red Boy8
Betty JohnsonHoopa Hoola10
Frankie LymonThumb Thumb10
Bonnie LouTennessee Wig Walk10

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