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I loved rock'n'roll from the moment I heard Gene Vincent and Frankie Lymon in the summer of 1956. Like most of us I've lost nearly all my records I bought as a teenager (including all the Chuck Berry's) but somehow - God knows how - I've kept the rare LaVernBaker Rock'n'Roll LP on London.
I have retired now, but for over 35 years I played (tenor sax) in various r'n'r and r'n'b bands (semi-pro). The best moment was as support act to Little Richard at Torquay in 2005. I interviewed Gene Vincent (we spoke for 20 minutes) for a student newspaper in 1963. I have been to many, many r'n'r, r'n'b and jazz gigs but by far the best was in The Johnny Otis show in London in 1972.
In the late summer of 1976 I was travelling around USA via Greyhound bus. One late afternoon at the end of August I ended up in San Antonio, Texas. I saw hundreds and hundreds of people making their way to a large auditorium. I followed along and outside I was offered a black market ticket (over the odds) for $12. I bought it and went inside - and that's how I saw Elvis live!

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Joined:27 Jun 2011
Country:  England
Location:Whitby, North Yorkshire
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27th Feb 2015
The Coasters

A: What About Us
B: Run Red Run
I have to admit I've never noticed it.

25th Feb 2015
Alvadean Coker

A: Do Dee Oodle De Do I'm In Love
B: We're Gonna Bop
Good job, Mr. Tony P!

23rd Feb 2015
LaVern Baker And The Gliders

A: That Lucky Old Sun
B: Play It Fair
In the summer of 1959, in Whitby, I was passing by an electrical goods shop which incidentally sold records. In the window was a brand new copy of the Rock'n'Roll with LaVern Baker London L.P. These tracks are on it, as are many more of the really rare LaVern Baker Londons. Many decades later I read a review in...Mojo I think it was....in which the scarcest records were being discussed. This L.P. was one of them; the writer speculated that fewer than 100 copies had been sold and that it was worth £400. Well, I've got one! By some remarkable freak of chance I have not lost it, for, as we all know, there's nothing that gets lost so easily as our teenage belongings. Of course, I played the L.P. on my Dansette and today it bears the marks of that playing (i.e. it is not Mint, nor Excellent, but probably VG+). The cover is still there too; again, a little time-worn and showing the ancient marks of sellotaping (said tape has long vanished into eternity). Nevertheless it is my prized vinyl possession and, again as we all know, when the time comes to part with one's stuff there's always one item which you would never, ever get rid of - and the LaVern Baker London L.P. is that one. Great, isn't it?

23rd Feb 2015
Alvadean Coker

A: Do Dee Oodle De Do I'm In Love
B: We're Gonna Bop
In the Top 20 rare Londons?

23rd Feb 2015
The Mulcays

A: Harbour Lights
B: Dipsy Doodle
iI wonder of anyone has actually ever heard this.

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A: I Knew From The Start
London UKMSP. 15291957Promo Only 7"09.5

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