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I loved rock'n'roll from the moment I heard Gene Vincent and Frankie Lymon in the summer of 1956. Like most of us I've lost nearly all my records I bought as a teenager (including all the Chuck Berry's) but somehow - God knows how - I've kept the rare LaVernBaker Rock'n'Roll LP on London.
I have retired now, but for over 35 years I played (tenor sax) in various r'n'r and r'n'b bands (semi-pro). The best moment was as support act to Little Richard at Torquay in 2005. I interviewed Gene Vincent (we spoke for 20 minutes) for a student newspaper in 1963. I have been to many, many r'n'r, r'n'b and jazz gigs but by far the best was in The Johnny Otis show in London in 1972.
In the late summer of 1976 I was travelling around USA via Greyhound bus. One late afternoon at the end of August I ended up in San Antonio, Texas. I saw hundreds and hundreds of people making their way to a large auditorium. I followed along and outside I was offered a black market ticket (over the odds) for $12. I bought it and went inside - and that's how I saw Elvis live!

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24th Jun 2016
Marilyn Monroe

A: I Wanna Be Loved By You
B: I'm Thru' With Love
Just picked up an Ex copy of this on Ebay for six quid. The Book has it at £40 and I have, in the past noticed it going for more than thirty. So, I count this as a bargain. If only the Johnny Olenn was so easy to get!

21st Jun 2016
The Duprees

A: Have You Heard
B: Love Eyes
Just picked this up on EBay (VG+) for a fiver; a very nice item.

19th Jun 2016
Gale Storm

A: You
B: Angry
Just picked this up on Ebay (last minute buy) for a fiver. I've never seen a copy of this before and only heard it for the first time when I played it on YouTube just now. I've always liked Gale Storm ever since buying a 78 of LONDON HLD 8222 (I hear you knocking) in January 1956. It would be difficult to beat the Aquatones version of You, but this isn't a bad attempt at all.
You CAN pick up scarce items cheaply - but you need patience and a great deal of luck.

18th Jun 2016
Bill Justis And His Orchestra

A: College Man
B: The Stranger
Well, it's certain better than the egregious College Man.My copy of Paul Pelletier's LONDON complete singles catalogue (one of my most used books) lists this as by Bill Justis (and The Spinners). I thought the Spinners were a vocal group.
Thanks to Mr. Dragon for putting this up; even so, it doesn't explain the racket of the 'A' side.

18th Jun 2016
Bill Justis And His Orchestra

A: College Man
B: The Stranger
I thought I'd played most LONDONs, but this is one I seemed to have missed - and thank goodness for that! While nothing ever, ever can be as bad as Doles Dickens Our Melody (HLD 8639), this one (that is,College Man) runs it pretty close.I must say I'm surprised, as it was originally on Phillips International (a subsidiary of Sun).Bill Justis's Raunchy was a neat instrumental; indeed, much copied - but this! The main problem is attitude: that anyone could be so contemptuous of teenage culture to release this. Like Our Melody, it's badly out of tune (just listen to the saxophone!); any musician - even of the least ability - would recognise that it was so, therefore I can only conclude that it's two fingers up to the listeners (who would be teenagers). Surely Sam Phillips can't have ok-ayed its release? Incidentally, I notice the 'B' side is not by Bill Justis, but by The Spinners (which I haven't heard....yet).

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The Moonglows

A: I Knew From The Start
London UKMSP. 15291957Promo Only 7"09.5

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