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Name:The Toad
Joined:5 Jul 2010
Country:  England
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The Toad
3 hours ago
The Big Ben Banjo Band

A: Let's Get Together - No. 1, Intro.: I'm Just Wild About Harry; April Showers; Rock-A-Bye Your Baby; Swannee; The Darktown Strutters' Ball; For Me And My Gal; Oh! You Beautiful Doll; Yes Sir! That's My Baby
B: Let's Get Together - No. 2, Intro; California, Here I Come; Back Home In Tennessee; Carolina In The Morning; Are You From Dixie; Waiting For The Robert E. Lee; Coal Black Mammy; When The Red Red Robin; Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye
I reckon the sleeve-notes have hit upon the reason: "The tunes are evergreens - everybody knows them and everybody will wish to sing with the Big Ben Banjo Band on this rollicking little record." A few cheerful melodies to hum or sing along with while you're doing something dull - what's not to like? Happily, music comes in many different forms and serves many different purposes; it doesn't have to be meaningful, and it doesn't even have to have any merit for it to be enjoyable - as witness my record collection.

The Toad
5th Feb 2016
Rockin' Pneumonia

A: Daredevil Lover
B: Watch Out Love's About
A decent slice of Glam Rock 'n' Roll, with all the usual features of the genre; it makes a temporary diversion into 'The Entertainer', which is unexpected. By way of a contrast the 'B' is falsetto-voiced Pop.

The Toad
5th Feb 2016
Stacey Wylde

A: Tar And Cement
B: Nashville
Simple, joggy MOR song with Country touches; or possibly the other way around - a rather 'late Fifties' sound, anyway. The 'B' is a slow Country ballad - I wonder if anybody in Nashville ever sang "Huddersfield's so far from my home". Apparently an album was recorded, and the cost of the orchestra sessions caused Look Records some financial difficulties.

The Toad
5th Feb 2016
Bryan Ferry

A: Let's Stick Together (Let's Work Together)
B: Sea Breezes
Just a guess, but might the tracks have been recorded at different sessions? Back in the early days of 78s studios gave matrix numbers to tracks in the order that they were recorded, so if a dance band put down a track, went for their lunch break allowing a different band to use the studio, and then came back to record another track, there would be a gap in the matrix numbers of their tracks when they eventually appeared on disc. In this case 'Sea Breezes' would have been recorded earlier than 'Let's Stick Together', perhaps by a matter of days or weeks. As I say, though, it's just a guess.

The Toad
5th Feb 2016
Gordon Lightfoot

A: If There's A Reason
B: The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
I have to admit that, like Annaloog, I've always followed the instructions that were on the entry form when I first began entering records; though admittedly I haven't looked at them of late - have they been changed? It never even occurred to me that the instructions in the Guide would be different. I've Donald Ducked up, and caused the Mods a fair amount of correction work, unintentionally. :-(

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Stacey Wylde

A: Tar And Cement
B: Nashville
September Sound UKLK SP 602719757"1 
The Cellophane Mop

A: What Goes Up Must Come Down
B: Slowly, Slowly, Quick, Quick, Slowly
Palette NetherlandsPB S-27.05419707"1 

A1: Attetur Med Mylne
A2: Firetur Fra Romerike
B1: En Aften Pa Erdal (Reinlendar Med Turar)
B2: Seksmannsril
Harmoni NorwayTD 1EP1 
Kenny Johnson

A: Searching For Love
B: When Goodbyes Make You Cry
OBM UKOBM 1002Nov 19797"1 
Frank De Vol And His Orchestra

A: The Toy Tiger
Capitol UKCL 14600Jun 1956Promo Only 7"2 

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Lucy VernonL'amour Est Mort7

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