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30th Mar 2015

A: Doorman
B: Pedalpusher
Does anyone have a release date for this? The 5 track download EP was released 27th April but this must have been later. The catalogue number would suggest August / September but that is well after the other single that sticker is promoting (if that sticker did indeed come with this).

29th Mar 2015

A1: Denis (Denee)
B1: Contact In Red Square
B2: Kung Fu Girls
Who was distributing Chrysalis at this point? Their IEPs are often pressed in France. If they are UK presses, it was probably the big Walthamstow plant. People seem to have identified the paper labels as RCA pressings. I don't know, other people are more knowledgeable about this sort of thing. In general, big hits like this (especially ones that became big unexpectedly) ended up being pressed at numerous plants to meet demand hence the different pressings. I would have thought the original run would have been planned and, capacity willing, would have been pressed at Chrysalis' usual plant so would be IEP. Obviously, there will be exceptions. When demand is high they can choose to outsource some of the smaller runs as well.

I'll change the repress note to 1980s which seems reasonable.

28th Mar 2015

A1: Denis (Denee)
B1: Contact In Red Square
B2: Kung Fu Girls
Surely the blue on white labels are just a later contract press (when demand was very high) from a plant that had no blank Chrysalis labels so had to make these up.

It always amazes me how people like to decide in their head that the most attractive (ie paper labelled) copies are the 'first press' when the differences are always just down to pressing plants and for the labels that usually used IEP, that generally means the hideous plasticraps are the first presses... like it or not! Jam fans are good at this. Even in this case when people have clearly shown the white labels have the 3rd and 4th cuts, people are still insisting they are the first press!

Can we all agree the notes about the '1990s repress' are nonsense and get that changed?

13th Mar 2015
Broken Dolls

A: Rock N Roll
How can you tell Ade? I've never noticed it isn't vinyl...

12th Mar 2015
The Rockin' Berries

A: He's In Town
B: Flashback
It should have been flipped in the UK as well - "Flashback" is awesome. Did they do anything else like that? I don't like "He's In Town" at all... kind of like The Four Pennies' "Tell Me Girl"/"Juliet" (except that shouldn't have been flipped - "Juliet" is drivel).

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Utah Saints

A: I Still Think Of You (Too Much To Swallow Pt II) (Radio Edit)
B: Highlander (Radio Edit)
FFRR UKF 22513 Jun 19947"0 
Kiss AMC

"A Bit Of.."

A: The Raw Side
A: A Bit Of..
Syncopate UKSY 2920 Jun 19897"0 

A: Back To The Shack
Island UK47111189 Dec 20147"0 
David Alexander

A: Taste The Wine
B: Wanna Show You
Penny Farthing Spain06-06719747"0 
David Alexander

A: Taste The Wine
B: Wanna Show You
Ace Recordings UKACE 7911219837"0 

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