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Name:Xmas Knight
Joined:28 Apr 2011
Country:  Canada
Location:Regina, Saskatchewan
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Xmas Knight
14th Oct 2012
Steve Forbert

A: The Oil Song
B: The Oil Song
Included as a free giveaway with the Jackrabbit Slim LP.

Xmas Knight
14th Aug 2012

A: Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me
B: Are You Ready To Believe
First single I ever bought! But I'm a little confused--my single (from Canada) contains the "full" 3:33 version as played in the YouTube clip above, but the US and UK versions show a run-time of 2:54, and the Wikipedia entry mentions an abbreviated single, without the coda. If I find my single I will scan it (it's on the usual orange-label RCA, b/w "Are You Ready to Believe," as the US version--not the version scanned here. I believe the run time is given as 3:00, as in the re-release scan).

BTW, does anyone know who sings the lead on the B-side, and what her accent might be? (she sounds Hispanic to me, but that's just a guess).

Xmas Knight
26th Jan 2012

A: Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
B: Trash Can
Richard DiLello, the chronicler of Apple's boozy heyday, and also the man who gave White Trash their name, has an interesting anecdote about this single. Wanting to promote Trash, he somehow got the green light to release it even before The Beatles' own version of the song on "Abbey Road." Paul McCartney found out and nearly hit the roof--so DiLello played the acetate for John Lennon, who liked Trash's cover of Paul's song, and ordered the release over Paul's head.

The B-side is an overlooked gem--very much of its era, but not a bad track. These guys deserved better than a couple of go-nowhere singles on Apple.

Xmas Knight
21st Jan 2012
John Lennon

A: #9 Dream [Mono]
B: #9 Dream [Stereo]
This looks to be the radio edit--a bizarre heavily shortened version of the song that included only the first verse. I remember buying the Apple 1878 single in 1975, having only heard the radio version, and being shocked (and pleased) to discover an extra half a song!

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Rational Youth

A: Saturdays In Silesia
B: Pile Ou Face
YUL CanadaYUL-00419827"0 
Myles And Lenny

A: Can You Give It All To Me
B: Don't Come Crying To Me
Columbia CanadaC4-4069Dec 19747"18.5

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