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Lifelong fan of all types of music, but particularly Soul, Funk, and Jazz.

I've got to a point in my life where I will be unloading my entire collection, after roughly 50 years...........

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20th Sep 2014
Spinach Power

A: Popeye The Sailor Man
B: ?
formula(-CH2-CHI)n, sorry for your loss.

Most every farmer in West of Ireland where I go to visit either has a Jack Russell terrier (or three), feisty little critters, or a sheepdog, always named Shep.........

Some have both, and you can guess who rules the roost.....

19th Sep 2014

A: Son Of My Father
B: Pride Comes Before A Fall
....yes Mikey Dread, I did realise it was the jokesters' website, but it has a link to wikipedia....so, no bad......

...trust the Flea to be a clown shoes.....

19th Sep 2014

A: Son Of My Father
B: Pride Comes Before A Fall
....my late father was primarily a drinker of tea as a beverage, and coming from Ireland, the Irish consume more tea per head of population than anywhere in the World.

However, he did buy and drink Camp Coffee, and if I called at my former London domicile to visit Dad, he would brew me a Camp coffee......interesting flavour.

I think you could make a milkshake by using the liquid ingredients, and I foolishly tried that years later, after I bought a bottle, and attempted to make a milkshake for my two young children......bad mistake, I think they thought that daddy was trying to poison them.....

19th Sep 2014
Spinach Power

A: Popeye The Sailor Man
B: ?
I added the character names from the Popeye cartoons as I recalled them, without any searching, seems I got a couple wrong......

Sweet Pea was Swee'Pea.
Jeep was Eugene the Jeep (thanks annaloog).
J. Wellington Wimpey was J. Wellington Wimpy (also the name of the "WIMPY" hamburger chain of restaurants in UK long before McDonalds', Burger King and Wendys' arrived here).

Here's a thing, Prince Charles' favourite radio comedy programme "The Goon Show" was so called because Spike Milligan was a fan of the Popeye cartoons and took the name of The Goon Show from Alice Goon and her tribe of Goons, recurring characters in the Popeye cartoons.

19th Sep 2014
Spinach Power

A: Popeye The Sailor Man
B: ?
......this intriguing thread leads me to post part of my comment of 26th Aug 2014 at 6205.

"......As a youngster, I adored Popeye the Sailor cartoons, and would quote lines verbatim from the cartoons by Bluto (Brutus), Olive Oyl, Sweet Pea, J. Wellington Wimpey ("I'll gladly pay you Tuesday") , and Jeep, the little dog like animal that could levitate, et cetera.

The last two named were adopted by the allied armed forces during WWII, with Jeep (G.P.) being adopted as the name for the four wheel drive General Purpose vehicle built originally by Willys for the US Army.
The name "Wimpey" was adopted by aircrew of the Royal Air Force for their twin engined Bomber, the Wellington.

A favourite line......

Popeye:.........gee Olive, you're awful Pretty....
Olive Oyl: ......oh, Popeye, you're pretty Awful yourself..........."

Seems like mickey and I are of a similar age, and like him, I always looked propitiously at on screen credits and the like.....still do.

I thought the later Popeye cartoons were crap, and always liked the 1930/1940s shorts where Bluto was Bluto, I didn't make the connection with him being Brutus at that time.

As for Fred Quimby, when I was in business, I used to call at Chequers Records, Lee High Rd, Lewisham, and wholesale a lot of imported vinyl product. As the proprietor Terry Reeves was not always available I would get the Invoice signed as delivered by a member of staff called Henry .......?, who always signed my invoice "Fred Quimby", and I really didn't notice, until one day I said "...who's this?".

He then explained who "Fred Quimby" was and of course I recollected his name from US cartoons. Henry was "a big lad", about 275lbs, and also DJ'd at "J. Arthur Ranks" disco at Catford, who I'm sure some readers may remember.
He was a genial person, a bit of a joker, and I asked him to sign his real name in future.....he complied. (...just recalled, he signed himself "Walter Lantz" a couple of times as well....who remembers Walter.....?)

I wonder if mickey recalls Halas & Batchelor produced cartoons.........

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The Memphis Horns

A: Just For Your Love
B: Keep On Smilin'
RCA USAPB-1106419787"0 
Chuck Mangione

A: Children Of Sanchez
B: Doin' Everything With You
A&M USA2088-SSep 19787"0 
Simon Said

A: Love Song
B: I'm So Lonely
Roulette USAR-7167May 19757"4 
The Gap Band

A: All Of My Love (7" Mix)
B: All Of My Love (Instrumental)
Capitol UKCL 55819897"0 
Daddy Dewdrop

A: Nanu, Nanu, (I Wanna Get Funky Wich You)
B: Nanu, Nanu, (I Wanna Get Funky Wich You)
Inphasion USA72011978Promo Only 7"0 

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