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Born in Wrexham, UK, 16 March 1962. My avatar is the original label of Elvis Presley's hit single "Can't Help Falling In Love" (RCA 1270), which was at Number One on the UK singles chart when I was born.

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15th Feb 2015
The Moody Blues

A: Question
B: Candle Of Life
I don't remember "Nights In White Satin" reappearing at number 51 in 2010. The three times I referred to were its UK chart runs in 1967, 1972 and 1979. Its first UK chart run began in late December 1967 and it peaked at 19 in early 1968.

The 1972 reissue reached number 2 in the USA and number 1 in Canada.

6th Feb 2015
Elton John

A: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
B: Young Man's Blues

I have always been meaning to ask someone on this site, so being as this is my personal favourite Elton John single, now's my chance: what is the difference between the Billboard and Cashbox charts in the USA? Why did they even need two separate charts? The reason I chose to ask this question on this particular page was because I noticed that you said this single reached number 1 on the Cashbox charts on December 8, 1973. In the Billboard charts it reached number 2 and was held off the top spot by the Carpenters' "Top Of The World". What I don't get is how can two different singles be number 1 in the USA in the same week? Unless they both sold exactly the same number of copies in the USA in that particular week, the chances of which would be extremely slim considering the size and population of the USA. Did the Cashbox chart pertain to certain States and the Billboard charts to other States? If not, what was the difference, and why would the number one hits vary like that?

6th Feb 2015
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: For You And I
Henry, the Greatest Hits 1972-1978 LP contains all 12 of the band's singles that reached the Top 30 between those years (A-sides only), which makes perfect sense. It omits the flop singles ("Johnny Don't Do It", "The Worst Band In The World" and "People In Love"), but 12 tracks make up a fairly long LP, considering the fact that some of 10cc's singles were of longer than average duration. The second side of the LP is about 26 minutes long (and that's assuming the tracks are the single edits). The first side is about 22 minutes (again assuming the tracks are the single edits). Another track could have been squeezed onto that side as a filler to balance out the playing time of the sides, in which case I would imagine the "filler" track would be "People In Love", which failed to chart in the UK but scraped into the US Top 40. As it was, Mercury simply stuck to the 12 singles that charted in the UK.

If you look at the rear cover of this single, it promotes "For You And I" as a "new single release from the "Bloody Tourists" album". All the more reason why this track should be dated 1978.

A vinyl single released in 1979 couldn't have been a "Pre-release Advert Single" for CDs because we still didn't have CDs that long ago. The earliest CDs I remember were in 1983. Lots of CDs since then have added bonus tracks that weren't on the corresponding vinyl LPs, so it is entirely possible that "For You And I" was added as a bonus track on one of the 10cc "Greatest Hits" CDs. Even so, that doesn't make the track from 1975 instead of 1978.

5th Feb 2015
10 cc

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Waterfall
I like this Irish version of the UK label. I haven't seen any of these before. Nearly all the copies of "Rubber Bullets" I've ever seen (including my own copy) are the original British pressings with the silver lettering which doesn't scan well against the blue background. I have seen one or two US issues of it as well, which aren't worth bothering with because the A-side was heavily edited. But zabadak is right, it is nice to be able to read the label. Lol:)

5th Feb 2015
10 cc

A: It Doesn't Matter At All
B: From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
The B-side wasn't a new recording, it was from the "Bloody Tourists" album, hence the 1978 on the label.

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Andy Williams

A: Marmalade, Molasses And Honey
B: Who Was It
CBS UKS CBS 10599 Feb 19737"98.0

A: Heatstrokes
B: Shy Kid
Ariola UKARO 233Jun 19807"2 
Cherie And Marie Currie

A: This Time
B: Secrets
Capitol USA4841Feb 19807"1 
Heavy Metal Kids

A: Rock 'N' Roll Man
B: Hangin' On
Atlantic UKK 1046526 Jul 19747"1 

A: It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)
B: Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Albert Productions AustraliaAP-10990Dec 19757"4 

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