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Born in Wrexham, UK, 16 March 1962. My avatar is the original label of Elvis Presley's hit single "Can't Help Falling In Love" (RCA 1270), which was at Number One on the UK singles chart when I was born.

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39 minutes ago
Kim Wilde

A: Chequered Love
B: Shane
The German issue lists the B-side time as 3:39, so I would assume it would be 3:39 on the French issue as well.

24th Nov 2015
The Tornados

A: Telstar
B: Jungle Fever
I hadn't thought of that, but I think W.B.lbl is correct. I checked other issues of the single. The UK issue doesn't state the time, but the US issue does, and sure enough Jungle Fever is 2 minutes 10 seconds - the exact "length" of this South African "version" of Telstar.

21st Nov 2015
The Tornados

A: Telstar
B: Jungle Fever
A very short version of "Telstar" (just 2 minutes 10 seconds) appeared on the South African issue. The track is more than a minute longer in other countries. Why was it cut so short in South Africa?

17th Nov 2015
Ike And Tina Turner

A: Baby, Get It On
B: Baby, Get It On
Thank you, Jack. I have thought that all along. Why, then, are record release dates so often given as Sundays (such as 20 July 1975, for example)? I have seen other examples of Sundays being given as release dates on other websites and I have questioned it on other websites, but nobody seems to know why they do it.

As for this particular record, the demo has 20 June 1975 as its release date, which was a Friday and since the majority of records were released on Fridays in the UK in the 1970s I don't see how anyone could argue with that. 20 June 1975 just has to be the correct release date.

[Mod edit: changed to June]

17th Nov 2015
Ike And Tina Turner

A: Baby, Get It On
B: Baby, Get It On
"This is weird. It has a catalogue number from Oct 1974 but a 1975 date on the label"

Maybe it was released in October 1974 in another country that used the same sequence of numbers, but not released in the UK until 1975 (not that rare an occurrence). It is not nearly as weird as saying it was released on 20 July 1975. I am still not convinced that any records were released on Sundays. In view of what My Friend Jack says (which I do believe is correct), I would guess the release date as given on the demo label (20 June 1975, a much more feasible Friday) to be correct. Who started the rumour (which is all over the Internet) that some records were released on Sundays?

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Andy Williams

A: Marmalade, Molasses And Honey
B: Who Was It
CBS UKS CBS 10599 Feb 19737"98.0

A: Heatstrokes
B: Shy Kid
Ariola UKARO 233Jun 19807"2 
Cherie And Marie Currie

A: This Time
B: Secrets
Capitol USA4841Feb 19807"1 
Heavy Metal Kids

A: Rock 'N' Roll Man
B: Hangin' On
Atlantic UKK 1046526 Jul 19747"1 

A: It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)
B: Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Albert Productions AustraliaAP-109908 Dec 19757"4 

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