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Born in Wrexham, UK, 16 March 1962. My avatar is the original label of Elvis Presley's hit single "Can't Help Falling In Love" (RCA 1270), which was at Number One on the UK singles chart when I was born.

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15th Apr 2014

A: Hello Baby
B: Sentimental Value
"Hello Baby" was (supposedly) released on TGT 115 on October 29, 1976. One member of this site says on that entry that he hasn't seen a copy and it wasn't on the CD featuring their other Target singles. The song "Hello Baby" on TGT 128 is clearly dated 1977. Was this a re-recording, or did TGT 115 have its release cancelled? Either way, the B-side of TGT 128 is different from that of TGT 115.

I haven't seen either issue of "Hello Baby" myself. I have only two singles on Target, both by Marmalade: "Falling Apart At The Seams" (TGT 105, the only hit on the label) and "Walking A Tightrope" (TGT 110).

15th Apr 2014
Mott The Hoople

A: Saturday Gig
B: Medley a) Jerkin' Crocus b) Sucker c) Violence
Apparently, this single was originally going to have "Lounge Lizard" on the B-side but it was scrapped in favour of a medley of three short excerpts from the band's forthcoming live album. This sneak preview did little to promote the live album, which failed to reach the Top 30 (as did this single). Ian Hunter recorded a new take of "Lounge Lizard" on his debut solo album in 1975.

15th Apr 2014
Mott The Hoople

A: Foxy, Foxy
B: Trudi's Song
Ian Hunter left MTH in December 1974, by which time their next single ("Saturday Gigs") had been and gone (reaching only 41) and Ariel Bender had been replaced by Mick Ronson (who also left at the same time as Hunter). The band were clearly on their last legs by then, which was a shame because they were one of the best bands active during the first half of the seventies. They returned in 1975 with a new line-up and shortened their name to Mott, released two albums and three singles but nothing made the Top 40. Hunter did a bit better with his solo career. His first two solo albums are essential listening for MTH fans. Anyway, all this explains why "Foxy Foxy" was not re-promoted in an attempt to get a Christmas hit.

15th Apr 2014
Mott The Hoople

A: The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll
B: Rest In Peace
Jaspergiggles, my first copy of Cozy Powell's "Dance With The Devil" (RAK 164) had the labels the wrong way round. It wasn't in mint condition, so I later bought another copy in better condition, with the labels the correct way.

About "The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll": it appears to be exactly the same as the LP version, which on vinyl gave the playing time as 3:23. The CD issue says it's 3:28. So how is it only 3:15 on the single?

The B-side was not on the album at the time (it was added as a bonus track on CD), although they did include the song on their live album later that year. I think "Rest In Peace" would have made a far better album closer than the pointless re-recording of "Roll Away The Stone" (which wasn't a patch on the single version). They should have left "Roll Away The Stone" as a stand-alone single like the earlier "Midnight Lady" and the later "Foxy Foxy" and "Saturday Gigs". Since the original single version of "Roll Away The Stone" had already been a hit, it was not necessary to do an inferior re-recording as an album filler.

15th Apr 2014
Mott The Hoople

A: All The Way From Memphis
B: Ballad Of Mott
Those recently added scans with something stamped on the labels are the Dutch import (take a closer look). That's the issue I bought in 1973, even though I bought it in the UK and I have never been to Holland. It's just what was in the shop at the time. Lol:)


Yes, you are right. The first time I heard "Saturday Gigs" in November 1974, I immediately thought of it as an update of "Ballad Of Mott".

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Andy Williams

A: Marmalade, Molasses And Honey
B: Who Was It
CBS UKS CBS 10599 Feb 19737"68.0

A: Heatstrokes
B: Shy Kid
Ariola UKARO 233Jun 19807"2 
Cherie And Marie Currie

A: This Time
B: Secrets
Capitol USA4841Feb 19807"1 
Heavy Metal Kids

A: Rock 'N' Roll Man
B: Hangin' On
Atlantic UKK 1046526 Jul 19747"1 

A: It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)
B: Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Albert Productions AustraliaAP-1099019757"3 

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