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Artist:Johnny Carroll And His Hot Rocks
Label:  Brunswick
Date:Jul 1956
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Community:3 Own, 1 Wants
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AJohnny Carroll And His Hot RocksCorrine CorrinaWilliams, Chatman, ParishPaul Cohen10.0  Rate
BJohnny Carroll And His Hot RocksWild Wild WomenJohnny CarrollPaul Cohen7.0  Rate


Number: 141166  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: moondog
Edited By: doormanperdomo
Description: B side label

Number: 1150232 
Uploaded By: razwilliams
Description: demo release of B side

30th Jan 2014
 Added demo copy label from B side.

Maybe I'm a bit biased ,but I think this is his best song.Wild rocking with excellent Grady Martin lead guitar

22nd Feb 2012

22nd Feb 2012

22nd Feb 2012
 Indeed it is good.

bill mann
25th Jan 2011
 'Corrine Corrina' was never one of my favourite songs, even by Big Joe, but
'Wild wild women' is a real cracker, top drawer rockabilly, a term muchly
overused nowadays for any style of rock n roll, if you don't believe it, check ebay for rockabilly stuff by Howlin Wolf, The Coasters etc etc.

The original of 'Wild wild women' was by Ruth Brown and entitled 'Wild wild young men' ,
plus a great rockabilly/ hillbilly cover by Rose Maddox on (US)Columbia

25th Jan 2011
 From a print source but good enough for the time being

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