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Artist:The Who
Label:  Brunswick
Date:29 Oct 1965
Chart Position:2
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Community:151 Own, 4 Want
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AThe WhoMy GenerationTownshend8.8  Rate
BThe WhoShout And ShimmyBrown7.0  Rate


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13th Jun 2012
 Yeah, this guy's works are amazing! :-)

13th Jun 2012
 Just uploaded a piece of art - hope the mods think it's valid. I certainly want one (a mere 500 quid)
Picture appears with the kind permission of the artist, Morgan Howell

22nd Oct 2011
 The stereo version on My Generation: Deluxe Edition is short of the original's lead guitar overdubs.

22nd Oct 2011
 IMHO the remixing of the shel tammy very mono tapes for it's first, true and proper stereo mix was nothing short of amazing and have now bought this track alive where the instrumentation, drums bass vocals all come out at you.

If you want the mono you have every kind of source available to you, however if those of us who would like it as we feel it should sound well we now have that too, please do not dismiss a clearly superior and much more enjoyable mode, god gave us two ears not one!

After all could the who play MG live in mono? I think that answers the point, and millions of others clearly don't agree and thus funds were made available to avail the tapes and finally create what wasn't at the time. [If you don't like the colour you can always turn it off, if you want sounds out of one speaker you can set that up too]

I Can See For Miles and Magic Bus have now also been properly mixed for their stereo versions and they too sound alive and amazing :) If you don't like then just stick to your original Brunswick and Track Record 45's.

22nd Oct 2011
 This always sounds better in mono!

23rd Jan 2011

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