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Record Details

Artist:Bobby Rydell
Label:  Reprise
Date:Jan 1968
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Community:3 Own
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ABobby RydellThe Lovin' ThingsLoring, SchroeckDave HassingerPerry Botkin, Jr.Rate
BBobby RydellThat's What I Call Livin'Holiday, MonahanDave HassingerPerry Botkin, Jr.Rate


BB Jan 27, 1968

a) K6279
b) K6278


20th Jun 2015
 Added promo label scans

10th Jan 2014
 Yes, I know he recorded it in 1976 and it sounds very much like a 1970's disco record, certainly not anything that could ever be mistaken for a late 1960's record.

As for Unicorns on this site, there is plenty of documentation for every unicorn I have seen on here. If the record numbers had (LEGITIMATE) label scans to post, they would not be unicorns since they would actually exist.

You can't prove something exists if it is known to have been an assigned number that never got issued and thus has no physical product to back it up. That's the whole point of the Unicorn.

If you want to make label mock ups, and try to make people think something exists that doesn't, you'd probably only get yourself banned from here, so that would be rather foolish, wouldn't it? Or it would prove that you have too much time on your hands (which must be nice... I wish I did).

10th Jan 2014
 Rydell did record a version (this isn't it), but that wasn't until 1976 for the P.I.P. label (Pickwick International Productions).

Funny how there can be Unicorns listed on this sight, but without any documentation to back them up, much less actual record releases, they get listed anyway. If this is truely a 45cat record database, they should at least be proven to extist. Leave the speculation for the Forum. I could make up hundreds of Unicorns (including my own label mock-ups like the Rydell record) and waste a ton of bandwidth. So why have them here in the first place...?


9th Jan 2014
 Yeah I know it is the Vogues, and Fred says so in his comment reply to one person, but people aren't reading the comments before commenting on what a great lost Bobby Rydell record it is, lol. And no, Bobby never recorded it for Reprise, so there would never be a coupling on this label including the song by Bobby.

9th Jan 2014
 Is there any documentation from Warner/Reprise that that was an originally planned coupling?, if not (and I'd never trust a price guide!)..it wouldn't be a "unicorn" unreleased item...John....(and the vid is The Vogues...so it's bogus)

9th Jan 2014
 Unfortunately, Fred, by reading the comments on that video, it seems like you're doing more harm than good with it, with people seriously thinking that it IS a Bobby Rydell record.

28th Dec 2013
 For whatever reason, it had been handed down over the years in Price Guides (including GOLDMINE) that the flip side to this was the original version of "It's Getting Better", a song later popularized by Mama Cass Elliot,

So, in order to fill the need for truth, about a year ago I took it upon myself to create the flip side myself. What would normally be depicted as a Unicorn within these Archives, I tried to somehow prove that they DID exist. It took a few days for somebody to finally call my bluff when I'd posted it on Youtube as the real thing.

Go here to see the drama unfold. (Read the comments posted.)

If you'd rather not, then here it is.


30th Jan 2012

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