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Artist:Wild Man Fischer
Label:  Reprise / Bizarre
Date:Oct 1968
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Community:2 Own, 3 Want
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BWild Man FischerMerry-Go-RoundL. FischerFrank ZappaFrank Zappa1.0  Rate


A Bizarre Production


31st Jan 2014
 I have "Merry Go Round" on one of those special 2-LP sets that Warner Bros. put out that you got through mail order. Also, Wild Man Fischer was responsible for Rhino Records' first 45

Go To Rhino Records

31st Jan 2014
 top quality entertainment

31st Jan 2013
 Added mono DJ images to compliment Jules' stereos....(as far as I'm concerned "Merry-go-Round" should've been the A-side!......Booo-booo-booop!)

23rd Oct 2012
 I used to frequent the Hollywood record stores in the 1970s, and if you did so regularly it was only a matter of time before you would run into Larry Fischer. That is, before he was banished from most of those stores for harassing people. I had two (unsettling) encounters with him, but no one could ever accuse him of being boring!

23rd Oct 2012

Juke Jules
22nd Oct 2012
 Sorry to hear it, Jonesy, but when you're an 'acid casualty'...
"Circles are not invisible - But they are! I'm a Visible Circle!" (screams)
From the double album An Evening With...

See the YT comments for a brief biography

22nd Oct 2012
 R.I.P. wild man!

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