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Artist:The Beach Boys
Label:  Reprise / Brother
Date:23 Feb 1970
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AThe Beach BoysAdd Some Music To Your DayBrian Wilson, Joe Knott, Mike LoveThe Beach Boys7.5  Rate
BThe Beach BoysSusie CincinnatiAlan JardineThe Beach BoysRate


First pressings credit "Alan Jardino" instead of "Jardine" on the b-side, corrected later.
-- coupling issued without w7-Reprise logo (Reprise only)


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20th Jan 2014
 Yes, they were. There is a slightly different mix of Susie... (car engine sound at the beginning) and Add Some...has no strings on the mono master!

20th Jan 2014
 My copy of this is the one LaurenceD uploaded, which I might point out is stereo (the S designation is in the deadwax but not on the label). The designation isn't on the promo scan either - were promos mono?

7th Jul 2013
 Added promotional label scans. Incorrect spelling "Jardino".

10th Feb 2013
 Added the b-side without the W7 logo, but with the misspelling "Jardino".

10th Apr 2012
 not released in Europe and anywhere else!

14th Feb 2012
 Added B side with correct spelling of "Jardine" - also added A side (no W7 on logo both sides)

29th Oct 2011
 There's a slighly different mix on the WLP version (Car engine sound at the very beginning)

12th Oct 2011
 LaurenceD, and other Catters! I'm shifting the label designation of this over to Reprise, as you probably know, in this country (USA), up to 1974, the BB's singles came out on both Reprise and Brother (same cat. no's)..(I have their singles scanned, I haven't posted them yet)....John

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