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Artist:The Ambassadors [Timely]
Label:  Timely
Format:Bootleg / Repro 7"
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Community:1 Owns
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AThe Ambassadors [Timely]Darling I'm Sorry (I Made You Cry)D. Watson, J. MotleyRate
BThe Ambassadors [Timely]Will A-BeaL. Van Dyke, J. MotleyRate


carey jeggs
30th Mar 2012
 I've just remembered another one where the woman attacks the man.Thin Line Between Love & Hate by The Persuaders where the singer winds up in hospital bandaged from head to foot.

30th Mar 2012
 Does Holly And The Italians "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" rate in this discussion? :-D

carey jeggs
30th Mar 2012
 There's a lot of this sort of thing in blues mythology.There's a B.B.King record where he threatens to 'make your mother a present of you and your casket too'. 'Going upside your head' crops up in records by Jimmy McCracklin and Jimmy Reed.Sometimes it's the other way round with the woman 'pouring water on a drowning man' and there's this couplet from Willie Mabon's I'm Mad.
'Akst my baby can you stand to see me cry?
She said, Daddy I can stand to see you buried alive'.

30th Mar 2012
 There are more than a few records I can think of that are as bad, if not worse.
Paul Revere And The Raiders "Steppin' Out" comes to mind.

30th Mar 2012
 This was originally issued in 1954 as a 78 only. With lyrics like "I'll be beating on she", "Will-A-Bea" is probably the only doo-wop tune that advocates violence against women, and is more likely the reason it sold poorly at the time of its release - therefore giving it a current £600 price tag!

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