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Artist:Perry Como
Label:  RCA
Date:Sep 1956
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With Mitchell Ayres and his Orchestra and the Ray Charles Singers


bill mann
6th Jul 2012
 A week or so late, but here we go.
Is 'Glendora' where Larry Williams got the idea for 'the Dummy'? There is a connection, Larry recorded 'Love charms', also one of Stanley's compositions, which was also cut by Sanford Clark for Dot

mickey rat
1st Jul 2012
 Well I checked the Downliners Sect version and it ain't half bad but I thought there's no way they picked this up direct from a Perry Como record - there must surely be an earlier rock & roll version. And of course there is, by Jack Lewis who was a mate of Ray Stanley's at American Publishing. It's Crest 1018 from 1956. Both Ray Stanley and Jack Lewis were writing and recording with Eddie Cochran at the time but I'll steer clear of that particular can of worms.

mickey rat
1st Jul 2012
 Oh that's the same song? Haven't listened to Downliners Sect since I was a young chap (haven't listened to Perry Como in even longer). Thanks Klepsie, I'll check it out.

30th Jun 2012
 Mickey rat -- check out the Downliners Sect version of "Glendora" sometime if you don't know it. Not only a great track in its own right but also one of the cover versions that's furthest removed from its original...

mickey rat
30th Jun 2012
 Well, writer Ray Stanley was a California artist so maybe he went to your high school Tom... I remember him as something of a rockabilly artist, so an odd choice for a Perry Como song. Also, just checked Wiki and "Glendora" is apparently a song about some guy who falls in love with a department store mannequin - also a bit dodgy considering Como's squeaky clean image.

30th Jun 2012
 There is a city about 25 miles east of Los Angeles called Glendora. I went to high school there. Wonder if any connection.

30th Jun 2012
 I have added a second A side label scan from another pressing. Under the label surrounding the push-out centre is "Emidisc" at top and "E.M.I. SALES & SERVICE LTD" at bottom.

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