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Label:  RCA Victor
Country:New Zealand
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AABBAFernandoBenny Andersson, Stig Andersson, Bjorn UlvaeusBenny Andersson, Bjorn UlvaeusRate
BABBATropical LovelandBenny Andersson, Stig Andersson, Bjorn UlvaeusBenny Andersson, Bjorn UlvaeusRate


28th Jan 2013
 never heard of the rare mix before, must get a copy

26th Jan 2013
 thank you I only discovered this version recently and I've been collecting ABBA vinyl for years

26th Jan 2013
 Yes, thank you very much! I am lucky to have a copy too, and it is the same odd mix that you mention. I never would have known without your comment. So strange.

26th Jan 2013
 I'm glad you're able to confirm my findings on the original release. Do you think it's a different mix used by mistake by RCA?

26th Jan 2013
 Thank you very much for that information about that interesting record, polarstar!
I was just able to buy the single as well, in two different versions! Both are from New Zealand, one is the original yellow label release that you have scanned here, plus a later re-release on the more dark-yellow/brownish label with ABBA-logo including the mirrored "B", see my added scans.

The interesting thing is that the first release includes the B-side Version as you describe it, really very interesting without the accordion, BUT the re-release includes the common version with accordion!
So I don't think the record company wanted to sound it a bit different and it might be an error instead on the first release!
I'm really glad you told us here, otherwise I would most probably not have bought the single... Such errors don't show up too often in the ABBA catalogue!

7th Nov 2012
 My pressing of this record has a different sounding version of Tropical Loveland on the B side.
The accordion intro is very faint almost inaudiable almost like it has been supressed. After this the accordion can't be heard at all.
The song is basically the vocals,and the reggae beat. I'm certain this is to do with record company RCA perhaps wanting to make it sound slightly different.
I've listened to the Australian pressing for comparison and it's the regular version.

Has anyone any answers regarding this mysterious version.

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