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Artist:Mireille Mathieu And Patrick Duffy
Label:  Ariola
Catalogue:105 077
Date:Apr 1983
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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10th May 2012
 This was a hit in Holland and presumably elsewhere in Europe. Other DALLAS cast members who released singles at around the same time 1983/1984 included AUDREY LANDERS (with fair success in Europe) and CHARLENE TILTON. The DALLAS theme tune (instrumental) was a hit single in France also back then

9th May 2012
 They churn out the Crappage - and we collect it!
It is the way of things.
*swells with pride*

9th May 2012
 We are Heros of Vinyl Trash

Ade Macrow
9th May 2012
 Oh, I've always told my wife, TS "please tell people when I'm dead that vast swathes of these singles DO NOT represent my personal taste in music whatsoever": I just have to pick these pieces of dreck up if I see them, like you. As well as giving 'em a nice home, I always view them as little pieces of (vinyl) history.

After all, archeaologists are deducing all kinds of things from coprolites and other ancient turd-matter.....

8th Apr 2012
 I routinely buy rubbo records when I'm trawling the bins in charity shops.
Gotta' keep that schadenfreude mojo working. (Or is that schite-en-fraud? Hah!)

7th Apr 2012
 heh! Just be thankful that my Monica Rose album (yes, her who used to be Hughie Green's sidekick) can't be listed on here. She made Florence Foster Jenkins sound like Beyonce.
*thinks - I wonder if Barbara Cartland made any singles off her brain-wrenching album?*

7th Apr 2012
 Absolute genius .... you have the same mentality as me when it comes to purchases ..... if it looks like a turd you've got to pick it up and take it home.

7th Apr 2012
 he he he - I bought it when it came out. I was forced to really. I remember picking up the sleeve in the shop and some bloke besides me saying that "nobody would be mad enough to buy that shi*te" - so of course - I had to. Overtly.
It's nice to know I'm not alone in the world of crappy records though. Good job this site doesn't do albums - that's all I can say . . . .

7th Apr 2012
 God almighty ..... Which skip did you find this in?

7th Apr 2012
 *squints* - Isn't that Jeanette Krankie??

28th Oct 2011
 Is Mireille really that diddy or is Patrick very tall?


28th Oct 2011
 Maybe Jock Ewing was behind this. He spent so long in the swamp after his plane crash, I think his judgement might have been affected

28th Oct 2011
 Now here's a pairing that must have taken some contrivance to come up with. IMHO it's up there with 'Bing and Bowie' and' Baker and Mullard'.
Obviously somebody had decided that as Dallas was popular in France that there might be a way of dragging some record sales of out of the European market by having old fish man Duffy sing a lovely song with one of the few world known throat trillers Mathieu.
Mistake number one was to try and make her up to be a cowboy ranch moll. The French really have a thing about their culture; it would have made more sense to have had him made up with a black and white stripy shirt, a huge moustache, plonk him on a bike and shove a string of onions round his neck.
Mistake number two was to give them a song with a title that tempts providence. The single was a total flop and it would seem the title of the tune they warbled soon put pay to any 'strength' they might have whipped up.
Still, she stood to gain more than he did - Dallas went on to even greater success despite this dreary offering. Presumably she's singing in French holiday camps?

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Ariola distribution 105 *** Series - 380 Items - List by leonard

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